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Doctor Who: Best of Series 7 Video Reveals Moffat's Flaws
There's the Eleventh Doctor's (Peter Capaldi) parting from Clara (Jenna Coleman) at the end of their mutually destructive co-dependent relationship, where Moffat explored how flawed a Doctor-Companion relationship could get that was also an allegory for an older man's affair with a younger woman, which was interesting but odd for a show aimed primarily at[...]
As we await word on if Netflix will continue exploring more corners of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman universe with a second season (or more?), it would be safe to say that Jenna Coleman's Johanna Constantine was one of the first season's all-stars Coleman's performance was the kind of quality work that makes you feel like[...]
Doctor Who: BBC Releases Compilation Video of Dalek Exterminations
Davies' first season, written by Robert Shearman, slaughtering a whole army, the 11th Doctor (Peter Capaldi), Missy (Michelle Gomez) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) in the craftiest fake-out and stand-off against the whole Dalek army from Steven Moffat's run, and Rory's (Arthur Darvill) narrow escape from an awakening army of Daleks… which isn't really any extermination[...]
Doctor Who: BBC Releases Video of The Best of Clara Oswald
Could one of those familiar faces be Jenna Coleman (already enjoying spinoff-level praise for her work as Johanna Constantine in Netflix's series adaptation of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman)? Speaking with Best magazine, Coleman kept the door open for a return to the long-running BBC series "It could happen in the future, who knows? I think,[...]
The Sandman Ep6 “The Sound of Her Wings”: Comics to Screen
Lady Johanna Constantine (Jenna Coleman), all aristocratic hauteur, tries to capture Dream and Gadling to learn the secrets of their immortality before Dream cruelly subdues her but sets up her future (and only other) appearance in the series beyond this season Gadling has a bit of action beating up her henchmen to break up the[...]
In episode 3, "Dream a Little Dream of Me", Constantine (Jenna Coleman) had to guilt-trip him into showing mercy to her dying ex Rachel in episode 3 His easing Constantine of her recurring nightmare is a transaction they'd agreed upon The show emphasizes Dream's change includes seeing and caring about people as more than just[...]
The Sandman E03 "Dream a Little Dream of Me": From Comics to Screen
This is all about Constantine. Constantine (Jenna Coleman) and Dream (Tom Sturridge) in "The Sandman" Image: Netflix Or rather, Johanna Constantine, played by Jenna Coleman No other episode screams "BACKDOOR PILOT!" as much as this one The story broadly follows the original comic but changes many of the elements to update and fit a TV show[...]
The Sandman: Neil Gaiman Getting Johanna Constantine Spinoff Questions
TV, Netflix's The Sandman stars Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, Vivienne Acheampong, Boyd Holbrook, Charles Dance, Asim Chaudhry, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Mason Alexander Park, Donna Preston, Jenna Coleman, Niamh Walsh, Joely Richardson, David Thewlis, Kyo Ra, Stephen Fry, Razane Jammal, Sandra James Young, Patton Oswalt, and Mark Hamill. Less than 48 hours after Netflix's The[...]
The Sandman: Gaiman on Johanna Constantine, "American Gods" Difference
But first, we have a look at Gaiman responding to some comments/questions folks had about Jenna Coleman's Johanna Constantine. Cr Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022 And as an extra surprise? The last tweet also links to a new sneak preview focusing on Constantine and Dream (Tom Sturridge) initially meeting in modern times. In the Sandman world, where Morpheus[...]
Doctor Who: Season 7's Flaws, but Jenna Coleman is the Highlight
Don't know why it took weeks, but the BBC finally released the compilation video for the second half of Season 7 of the new Doctor Who, which was Jenna Coleman's debut and Matt Smith's final season. Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith in "Doctor Who" season 7, BBC There's so much to look at in this half-season Showrunner[...]
Wilderness: Jenna Coleman to Play Vengeful Wife in Prime Drama
Wilderness is a new Amazon Original thriller drama starring Jenna Coleman and Oliver Jackson-Cohen as a couple whose marriage falls apart spectacularly Based on BE Jones' 2019 novel of the same name, British couple Liv and Will have a seemingly perfect marriage that crumbles when Liv learns of her husband's infidelity and plans her revenge[...]
During The Sandman reveal and panel at Netflix Geeked, creator Neil Gaiman & Jenna Coleman officially revealed that her character Johanna Constantine was in fact a replacement for John Constantine In the comics, Johanna Constantine was an ancestor of John Constantine who lived in the 18th Century and became an occasional ally and foil for[...]
Doctor Who: Doctor and Clara Video Reveals Moffat’s Grandest Themes
It's showrunner Steven Moffat and the Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi's penultimate season, and companion Jenna Coleman's final season The video reveals that the season featured some of the show's finest Science Fiction stories and revealed Moffat's grandest themes in the show. "Doctor Who Series 9" image: BBC By his second season, Capaldi was starting to settle into[...]
Doctor Who: A Supercut of Peter Capaldi’s 1st Season
There's an attempt to expand Clara's (Jenna Coleman)'s life by giving her a life outside the TARDIS by giving her a job teaching at the Cole Hill School and a boyfriend Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) was a character who didn't quite work because he was written from the outside as a foil for Clara and[...]
Doctor Who: Last Christmas is Steven Moffat’s Best Christmas Special
It also featured an attempt at giving companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) a love story with her fellow schoolteacher Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) that felt like a plot construction than genuine emotion despite Coleman and Anderson's efforts "Last Christmas" works because it's a Doctor Who story that integrates Science Fiction and Christmas into the story as[...]
Doctor Who: BBC Releases Video of The Best of Clara Oswald
This week it's the Best of Clara Oswald as played by Jenna Coleman Clara was an odd companion She often felt more like a concept than a person that showrunner Steven Moffat was writing She was the Impossible Girl who started out as a mysterious figure who kept popping up throughout the Doctor's timeline She[...]
The War Rooms: Jenna Coleman to Play the Real Miss Moneypenny
Jenna Coleman has signed to play Joan Bright in The War Rooms, a real-life drama about the woman who led Winston Churchill's secret Whitehall bunker and the inspiration for Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond stories The series will explore the untold story of the women who lived, loved, and triumphed in Winston Churchill's secret[...]
Here's a look at the key art for the Doctor Who Lockdown song, courtesy of Doctor Who Lockdown.
This time, Doctor Who Magazine writer and BBC Radio editor (and hardest-working Who fan on the planet) Emily Cook set our sights on Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman-starrer "The Rings of Akhaten" and wrapped up the event with a very appropriate gift Kicking things off at 8 pm British Standard Time (3 pm Eastern Time in[...]
Doctor Who - Rings of Akhaten Lockdown Rewatch Art
Every companion had a unique theme starting with Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), then Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), to the playful comedy beats for Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), the curious fairytale ballads of Amy Pond (Karen Gillen) and Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) to Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) Gold's themes often sum up the characters' personalities and[...]
Doctor Who Lockdown focuses on "Listen" this week, courtesy of BBC Studios.
Set during Peter Capaldi's first season as The Doctor, the Series 8 episode finds the Doctor tracking a creature with an uncanny and eerie ability to hide, while Clara (Jenna Coleman) and Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) take on the dangers of a date With then-showrunner and episode writer Steven Moffat as well as episode director[...]
Doctor Who Lockdown, Steven Moffat Share Listen Pre-Rewatch Poem
Set during Peter Capaldi's first season as The Doctor, the Series 8 episode finds the Doctor tracking a creature with an uncanny and eerie ability to hide, while Clara (Jenna Coleman) and Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) take on the dangers of a date Of course, what would a global rewatch be if there weren't some[...]
The Zygons will be the focus of the next Doctor Who Lockdown rewatch, courtesy Doctor Who Lockdown and BBC Studios.
It gave Jenna Coleman two roles to play (Clara and her Zygon doppelganger) and let her show her range It cements Ingrid Oliver's character Osgood as a fan favorite Last but not least, it featured that speech It was probably one of the greatest speeches on Doctor Who, delivered by possibly the greatest actor to[...]
Fans were encouraged to legally stream the show or watch a legal download or DVD or Blu-Ray at the same time. The special starred Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt, Billie Piper and Jenna Coleman in a special multiple-Doctor crossover. BBC Emily Cook, a writer for Doctor Who Magazine, brought up the idea on twitter with the hashtag[...]
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Moffat's signature timey-wimey storylines became almost Marvel Comics levels of insanely contrived. Smith's run also introduced Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald, though her plotline as the "Impossible Girl" didn't really work or seem to solve anything Moffat admitted the pressure to keep coming up with new ideas for the show drove him to it I can't[...]
“Doctor Who”: BBC Releases Video of Modern Companions’ First Moments [Video]
Here's what we get: Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) meeting the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) for the First time before he blows up her workplace. Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) accidentally showing up in the TARDIS on her wedding day. Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) and the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) meeting in a hospital that gets hijacked to the moon. Donna[...]
It's a credit to Jenna Coleman's acting skills that Clara ever felt consistent or believable at all This series had become so top-loaded with these odd themes that it felt like the show had entered its decadent phase. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Doctor's Speech | The Zygon Inversion | Doctor Who[...]