Dominic Cooper Takes Long, Hard Look in Mirror In Spy City First Look

Spy City will see Dominic Cooper return to AMC, where he played Jessie Custer in four seasons of Preacher. The series has already aired in Germany but will be on AMC+ here in the states. It also stars Romane PortailLeonie Benesch (The Crown), Ben MünchowJohanna Wokalek (The Baader Meinhof Complex), Seumas Sargent (Tom of Finland) and Brian Caspe (Jojo Rabbit). Every episode of the series is helmed by Miguel Alexandre and written by William Boyd (Chaplin). You can see a pic of Cooper looking into a mirror down below. No idea what it might mean though.

Dominic Cooper Looks In The Mirror In First Spy City First Look
Dominic Cooper in Spy City. Credit AMC

Spy City Could Be A Great Little Series

Here's a look at the official logline for the series: "AMC+ Original starring Dominic Cooper (Preacher) as an English spy who is sent to Berlin in 1961 to sift out a traitor in the UK Embassy or among the Allies, shortly before the construction of the Berlin Wall. The city, declared by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev as "the most dangerous place on earth," is teeming with spies and double agents, and one wrong move could trigger the threat of nuclear war as American, British and French troops in West Berlin remain separated from their Soviet and East German counterparts by nothing more than an imaginary line."

Anything that takes place in this time period and involving spies is something that will have my attention, but the creative team is solid and Cooper is a star who elevates whatever he is involved in as far as I am concerned. All those factors contribute to Spy City being something I am now looking forward to. Although, I have no idea what AMC+ is exactly- is that just like SUPER AMC? Is it an app? I can't keep track of all this anymore. Whatever the case, Spy City will be on AMC+ starting on April 15th.

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