Donald Trump Resigns from SAG-AFTRA Before Union Possibly Boots Him

Today's a pretty good day for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Earlier, they announced their 2021 SAG Awards nominations- and at least from the TV side of things, it looks like it was a pretty sweet nomination pool. As if that wouldn't be good enough news to ride out the day on, SAG-AFTRA announced on Thursday that former POTUS and still-toxic-hole Donald Trump has resigned from the entertainment industry union ahead of their announced hearing on whether to expel him for his role in egging on a bunch of neo-nazis, white supremacists, confederate flag-wavers, and a wide array of tinfoil hat-wearing whackjobs to attack the nation's capital in an attempt to kill members of Congress. In response to Trump's resignation, SAG-AFTRA released a statement that was short and sweet (and with a tinge of snark and relief): "Thank you."

donald trump
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So with the realization that we will probably no longer be treated to the acting chops of a man who couldn't even play himself properly on The Apprentice, here's a look back at the body of work that Trump leaves behind- in much the same way a dog leaves a pile of s**t on your lawn in the morning. I can't help but think that James Lipton went to his grave heartbroken over never being able to get Trump to sit down for Inside the Actor's Studio (maybe Congress will get him to sit down for some impeachment testimony). And though Trump was first given SAG-AFTRA in 1989, it's best to start with what was a banner year for the man who needed acting lessons to play himself. But fortunately (or sadly, depending on how much you're lacking in decent self-respect), his on-screen sacrilege appeared to come to an end as the 2000s approached:

1992: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, All My Children 

1994: The Little Rascals, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 

1996: The Associate, The Nanny, Eddie

1997: NightMan, The Drew Carey Show, Suddenly Susan

1998: 54, Spin City

1999: Sex and the City 

2001: Zoolander, The Job

2002: Two Weeks Notice, Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon!

2005: Days of Our Lives 

2007: WrestleMania 23 

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