Fanboy Wrampage: Dave Meltzer vs. Mark Madden Over Jim Cornette

In a storyline that has to have been booked by Vince Russo, Dave Meltzer took on Mark Madden in a Jim Cornette on a pole match on twitter Wednesday. Things kicked off when the beloved wrestling journalist, a frequent critic of WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump, criticized Trump's attempts to force CNN to apologize for the latest overnight ratings on Trump's presidency, which showed him losing the demographic rating and viewership number to Joe Biden. "Legal threats over a poll result," Meltzer wrote on Twitter. "We've come to this. By the way, those with your 'CNN BAD, TRUMP GOOD' mentality, if you're not appalled by this it shows you're afraid of Freedom of Speech. So you can no longer cling to your Constitutional amendments any longer."

A Jim Cornette on a Pole Match.
A Jim Cornette on a Pole Match.

When a Trump mark responded to Meltzer's tweet to say Meltzer was aligned with Cornette on the issue, Meltzer replied, "Please don't simplify things into like Trump vs. hate Trump. That's the entire problem with discussing like adults. Obviously everyone should agree with Cornette when he makes sense on politics and disagree if he doesn't."

It was at this point that former PW Torch journalist and former WCW announcer Mark Madden decided to resurface and blast Meltzer for his refusal to condemn Jim Cornette. Madden tweeted, "What about when Jim uses the n-word? How should we feel when he does that? It's on tape, you know." It's unknown why Madden chose this time to come out of whatever hole (Pittsburgh) he's been hiding in for the last twenty years. Maybe he only feels safe now that Chris Hyatte is dead?

In any case, Madden responded to several Meltzer marks who said that Meltzer criticizes Cornette all the time by saying he doesn't criticize him for racism, tweeting, "Yeah. &Dave still supports him& certainly never buries him. B/c Dave's a mark for Cornette." He added, "RT'd a thread a few days ago that has audio of him using the N-word. &he called my house years ago& asked my mother if she could "stop sucking [N-word] ***ks long enough to take a msg." Yo, @davemeltzerWON …did that happen? You printed the PG-13 rated version, as I recall."

"Show me where Dave has ever identified Cornette as a racist. I'll hang up& listen. "New here." ***k off. Believe me, I understand perfectly how this game works," Madden continued, adding, "No, I said he wouldn't call him out on his racism. Show where that happened, &where it's stated plainly. It's always the bull***t, "Well, we know he's said some unfortunate things." Same as when Dave wouldn't say Heenan got fired b/c he was drunk on the job." Madden concluded, "Has he ever called him a racist? Has he ever directly cited examples of his racism? Who gives a ***t if they argue about wrestling styles& 5-star matches? FFS."

Meltzer, for his part, kept his response brief, tweeting, "Dude, you're asleep at the wheel. This is almost a laughing stock of a post. Earth to Mark, it's not 1995." Madden replied, "Asleep at the wheel? No, you've lost your fastball. The laughing stock is that you've never written or said that Cornette is a racist,&you know the evidence. It's always, "Jim's done some unfortunate things, yada, yada." You protect certain ppl. & I'm not the only one saying that."

But in a surprise twist, Madden's old PWTorch teammate Bruce Mitchell appeared from underneath the Twitter ring in a David Arquette role to interfere in the match, attacking Madden from behind. "Could someone please tell my friend Mark if he hadn't ghosted me three years ago, including muting my last reply to him, I could have helped him avoid this embarrassment, just like I did for dozens and dozens of similar ones over the years?" Mitchell tweeted. Business, as they say, is about to pick up.


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