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Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett at WWE Money in the Bank

Fanboy Wrampage: Maria Kanellis vs the WWE Universe Over Babymaking

Former WWE star Maria Kanellis found herself thrown into an impromptu gauntlet match on Twitter Thursday when she cut a babyface promo about WWE firing her and her husband, Mike Bennett, in the middle of a pandemic, two months after they had a child. Maria tweeted, "Did you ever hear the one about the woman […]

A Jim Cornette on a Pole Match.

Fanboy Wrampage: Dave Meltzer vs. Mark Madden Over Jim Cornette

In a storyline that has to have been booked by Vince Russo, Dave Meltzer took on Mark Madden in a Jim Cornette on a pole match on twitter Wednesday. Things kicked off when the beloved wrestling journalist, a frequent critic of WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump, criticized Trump's attempts to force CNN to apologize for […]

Brian Cage on AEW Dynamite [Photo Credit: AEW]

Fanboy Wrampage: Lacey Evans Pins Brian Cage in Twitter Match

New AEW star Brian Cage may have left Impact Wrestling, but he's still pining for intergender competition. Cage took on WWE star Lacey Evans on Twitter over who invented the moonsault they both perform. Cage was initially angered when a fan accused him of stealing the move from Evans. It prompted Cage to tweet that […]

Fanboy Wrampage: Dolph Ziggler Calls Ryback Unsafe Worker

Fanboy Wrampage: Dolph Ziggler Calls Ryback Unsafe Worker

Now, we've brought this creation into the world of sports entertainment as Fanboy Wrampage. Another day, another pair of wrestling personalities duking it out on the grandest stage of them all No, not WrestleMania Twitter This time around, it's former WWE superstar Ryback taking on current WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler The whole thing started over[...]

The Usos catch The Revival in a "hairy" situation: Raw, April 29, 2019

The Revival's Cash Wheeler Gets in Heated Grammar Feud on Twitter

Cash Wheeler, one half of the former WWE tag team formerly known as The Revival, has been in many an epic battle inside the squared circle. But Wheeler's greatest challenge may have come not inside the wrestling ring but in the hallowed halls of social media, where Wheeler found himself engaged in a heated back-and-forth […]

Comedian Tom Segura insults wrestling fans on his podcast.

Comedian Tom Segura Says Wrestling's for "R****ds", Wrestlers Respond

On a recent episode of his podcast, comedian Tom Segura made disparaging comments about people who like wrestling. Though wrestling fans have been aware for at least the last 100 years that wrestling matches feature wrestlers working with each other and predetermined outcomes, Segura seemed convinced that fans believe the fights are real. "So many […]

Dana White calls out Oscar De La Hoya for Conor McGregor talk | MMA on ESPN

Oscar De La Hoya Calls Dana White Little B***h, Challenges McGregor

The worlds of MMA and boxing collided once again this week when boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya claimed he would knock out UFC star Conor McGregor in two rounds and then attacked UFC's Dana White. "Two rounds!" De La Hoya said in a CBS podcast interview. "Because one thing about me, I went for […]

Vince Russo Destroys the Set WITH AN AXE! (NWA-TNA PPV #26) | Classic IMPACT Wrestling Moments

Fanboy Wrampage: Dave Meltzer and Bruce Mitchell Tag-Team Vince Russo

Two of pro wrestlings biggest dirt sheet moguls formed an alliance of epic proportions Sunday, and they used their combined power to attack disgraced wrestling booker Vince Russo. Big Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Bruce Mitchell of Pro Wrestling Torch tag-teamed Russo in a series of tweets blasting Russo's opinions and calling […]


Fanboy Wrampage: CM Punk Trashes Image Comics; Rob Liefeld Responds

When CM Punk left the world of professional wrestling he wasted no time in burning bridges, trashing his former employer WWE on Colt Cabana's podcast, prompting a lawsuit from a WWE doctor in response, winning said lawsuit, then feuding with Colt Cabana over the legal fees. So it should be no surprise that, having not […]

scott steiner

SummerSlam: Scott Steiner Says Jimmy Fallon Could Beat Triple H In A Fight During Twitter Rant

In appearance on the Tonight Show to promote WWE SummerSlam and NXT Takeover Brooklyn, WWE exec Triple H body slammed host Jimmy Fallon. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Thank You Notes: Triple H Body Slams Jimmy Through His Desk ( But one former WWE Superstar, Scott Steiner, who isn't a fan of […]

PSA: Don't Post Photos Of Reby Hardy's Kids In The Same Tweet As Lita

Reby Hardy set her targets on WWE Hall of Famer Lita today, calling her husband's ex-girlfriend a "hoe." Reby Hardy usually reserves her Twitter ire for Impact Wrestling, its owner Anthem Sports And Entertainment, and officials like Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantell, and Ed Norholm. But when a fan posted a photo of The Hardy Boys […]

Fanboy Wrampage: Matt Hardy And Reby Hardy Vs. Dutch Mantell In A Broken Gimmick On A Pole Match

She has been presenting arguments to TNA executive and country music star Jeff Jarrett, but Jarrett, who clearly doesn't know how legal battles are supposed to work, refuses to respond. when Hardy calls Jarrett's wife, ex-wife of Kurt Angle, Karen Jarrett to the witness stand. now the dispute has left the courtroom and entered the realm of the[...]