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Bad Boy of Comics Donny Cates Reveals Marvel Has Big Plans for Bats the Ghost Dog

Donny Cates Shuts Down Official Zurich Chapter of Terrifically Legion

We've all heard by now about Terrific Production LLC, the new Youngblood publisher started by Andrew Rev that has been making a big splash with its Twitter antics though it has not yet solicited a single comic book. If you've followed along closely, you know that, in the spirit of the Merry Marvel Marching Society, […]

Rob Liefeld Says Goodbye to the X-Men With Love Letter to Claremont/Byrne/Austin

Fanboy Rampage: Remember When You Try to Faux Shame Rob Liefeld, He Drew Cap T**s

Superstar artist and the Kanye West of Comics Rob Liefeld has taken to Twitter with a message for all his haters: Remember when you try to faux shame me. I drew this, I drew Cap Tits. — robliefeld (@robertliefeld) September 17, 2019 How did we come to this? Liefeld's tweet came in the midst […]

Rob Liefeld Says Goodbye to the X-Men With Love Letter to Claremont/Byrne/Austin

Fanboy Rampage: Rob Liefeld vs Sean Gordon Murphy Over Whether or Not DC Sucks

Superstar artist Rob Liefeld has been unapologetically vocal about his feelings on the current state of DC Comics. Most recently, back in June, Liefeld predicted the collapse of DC Comics and, in the ensuing Twitter hullaballoo, leaked plans for a DC/Image crossover. It's not that Liefeld has a problem with DC in general. He often […]

New Youngblood Publisher Trolls Rob Liefeld on Twitter, Wants to Make Him Famous

Fanboy Rampage: Erik Larsen and Brian Keene vs. Terrific Production LLC Over Creator Rights

Two fanboy rampages in one day? Give unto us thy clicks, dear readers! If you haven't been following the saga of Terrific Production LLC, here's a brief rundown: Andrew Rev's Terrific Production LLC recently acquired the rights to Youngblood, a matter which Youngblood creator Rob Liefeld was not pleased with, causing Liefeld to drop any involvement with the […]

Fanboy Rampage: Whose Job Is It To Sell Comics, Anyway?

Fanboy Rampage: Whose Job Is It To Sell Comics, Anyway?

Solving the woes of an ailing comic book industry is one of comicdom's favorite pastimes, with many a theory offered as to why any given direct market superhero comic book only seems to be able to sell to 100,000 or less readers, often far less, while superhero movies and television shows capture the imagination of […]

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Fanboy Wrampage: CM Punk Trashes Image Comics; Rob Liefeld Responds

When CM Punk left the world of professional wrestling he wasted no time in burning bridges, trashing his former employer WWE on Colt Cabana's podcast, prompting a lawsuit from a WWE doctor in response, winning said lawsuit, then feuding with Colt Cabana over the legal fees. So it should be no surprise that, having not […]

Fanboy Rampage No More? Gail Simone and Rob Schneider Broker Historic Peace

In a shining example that the rest of the world can hopefully follow suit, Gail Simone and Rob Schneider have ended their blood feud over whether or not Tim Hortons is the Rob Schneider of donut shops. It was Schneider who made the first move, tweeting a public apology to Simone. And Simone accepted […]

Fanboy Rampage: Gail Simone vs. Miracle Whip Over Which Condiment Millennials Should Kill

Should that be Fangirl Rampage? Fansauce Rampage? Since its inception, Twitter has been a godsend for the 24-hour comics news cycle, providing an endless supply of articles when comic book creators interact with fans. The latest feud to hit Twitter, however, isn't between two comic creators or comic creators and fans. Rather, it's superstar writer Gail […]

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Fanboy Rampage: Uwe Boll on Poster Theft, Civil Discourse, and Plans for Star Wars Episode IX

Fan-favorite filmmaker Uwe Boll has taken to Twitter to levy very serious allegations against Phantom Thread director Paul Thomas Anderson. Boll claims that Anderson copied the Phantom Thread movie poster from Boll's movie Bloodrayne in retaliation for Boll criticizing Phantom Thread on his podcast. Boll asked the clickbait news media to pick up this story […]

Fanboy Rampage: Jon Malin Responds To Criticism Of Blink's Costume On Cable #153 Cover

Welcome to another edition of the ongoing saga known as… Artist Jon Malin responded Wednesday to online criticism of his cover for Cable #153, which featured the shocking revelation that X-Men character Blink has undergone a botched breast enlargement procedure wherein the silicone implants were accidentally filled with four-times the amount of silicone and also it […]

Nick Spencer Stops Tweeting So Much; Twitter Stock Drops Dramatically

Twitter shares have dropped more than 11% following a 30-plus-day dearth in Bleeding Cool articles about Nick Spencer's tweets. There was a time, not so long ago, where we couldn't go a week without publishing a Nick Spencer Fanboy Rampage article. Sometimes more than one. The superstar Marvel writer transitioned seamlessly from producing daily hundred-tweet […]

Fanboy Rampage: Cullen Bunn Trapped In "Rage-Spiral" At Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con. It's an event where members of the comics community can gather together, set aside their various differences, and celebrate their mutual love of the comics medium. And sometimes, to rip into people until they cry.   Genetically engineered super-writer Cullen Bunn took to Twitter Friday night to put a collaborator on blast: […]

PSA: Don't Mess With Archie Comics On Twitter

Just as Archie Comics' grim and gritty reboot comicverse and Riverdale TV show have taken a more mature approach to storytelling, so too has Archie's twitter account apparently grown snarky and cynical… and we love it! Earlier today, Archie Comics made a joke about a fidget spinner episode of Riverdale: riverdale season 2 jughead fidget […]