Predictably, The Fearless Finn Balor Takes Samoa Joe's Challenge

Finn Balor, I love that you take on every challenge. You're not afraid, even when the opponent looks like he could squash you. Tonight Balor bravely took on Samoa Joe's open ring challenge, which was rather predictable. This isn't the first time Balor and Joe have gone head to head — they met in the ring just this past summer, and in the past at NXT.

Balor is quick, but Joe is imposing, and deceptively quick. Joe did manage to pin Balor a few times, but Balor has heart. His kickouts were noble and made fangirls like me extremely hopeful. Balor got the upper hand with a series of kicks and high flying elbows, which is what he needs to do in most matches. The two were relentless, and Joe is more than able to keep up with Balor.

The drama was intense in this match. Joe got Balor in a Cochina Clutch, and Balor used his slingblade on him more than once. Unfortunately both were disqualified due to a count-out, which was a cheap way to end this match for both wrestlers. Of course, the two kept the fight up after the bell rang, with Balor laying waste to Joe on the walkway. Just let these men go at it all the time — this match was great.

Kurt Angle had to get involved in the match, which resulted in Joe and Balor being added to team RAW for Survivor Series. In response, Balor attacked Joe one more time. I am here for this gourmet popcorn-level drama.

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