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Samoa Joe celebrates winning the TNT Championship on AEW Dynamite
Samoa Joe is once again the TNT Champion, defeating Darby Allin to win back the title in a bloody, violent no holds barred match to conclude tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite in Dayton, Ohio Darby Allin opened the match by donning a thumbtack-bedazzled hoodie and hurling himself at Joe, but Allin's own antics proved to[...]
Darby Allin celebrates winning the TNT Championship for the second time on AEW Dynamite
For the second time in his career, Darby Allin is the TNT Champion, defeating Samoa Joe to win the belt in the main event of AEW Dynamite The match capped of the first night of what AEW billed as a new era for the company, as Dynamite underwent a revamp to its graphics and stage[...]
twisted metal
Peacock's Twisted Metal isn't wasting any time rounding out its cast, following up earlier casting news with word that Joe Seanoa (AEW) aka Samoa Joe will bring the physical portrayal of Sweet Tooth to life, voiced by castmate & executive producer Will Arnett (Lego Masters, Murderville) In addition, Mike Mitchell (The Tomorrow War, Love), Tahj Vaughans[...]
Samoa Joe to Make AEW In-Ring Debut on Dynamite Tonight
And that show ended with the surprise arrival of Samoa Joe, who appeared to save ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham from an attack by Jay Lethal Now, Samoa Joe will make his AEW debut on tonight's episode of Dynamite Joe will face Platinum Max Caster in a qualifying match for the men's Owen Hart Foundation tournament. Tony Khan[...]
Supercard of Honor Surprise: Samoa Joe is All Elite
And they capped the whole thing off with the return of ROH legend and former WWE Superstar Samoa Joe And The Chadster is just so cheesed off about it! Joe appeared after the main event to defend ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham from an assault by Jay Lethal, who turned heel earlier in the show by cheating[...]
NXT GM William Regal Announces A New Champion Will Be Crowned Tuesday
 With a new logo, a new color scheme, and a new set design, there will be plenty to digest visually, but behind the scenes, things are changing as well, as WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and his right-hand man Bruce Prichard are taking over the show going forward and implementing a new vision. And if that all wasn't[...]
NXT Recap-
In a shocking turn of events this evening, NXT Champion Samoa Joe took to his Twitter minutes ago to announce that he is relinquishing the NXT title effective immediately  He explained that he demands to be a fighting champion in NXT and that due to injury, WWE doctors have not cleared him for action going forward and[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
4, 2021 ( McKenzie is now in a backstage interview with NXT GM William Regal as he announces that next week, Tommaso Ciampa, Kyle O'Reilly, LA Knight, and Pete Dunne will compete in a Fatal Four match to determine the number one contender to face Samoa Joe for the NXT title. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Mr[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
31, 2021 ( Next, we have a sit-down interview between Wade Barrett and NXT Champion Samoa Joe, where he speaks about what sacrifices he has made to be NXT Champion and the precedent he will set. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Samoa Joe challenges all up-and-comers to seize their opportunity: WWE NXT, Aug[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
 We've got a new NXT Champion in Samoa Joe and other changes are apparently on the way as well  And what are those changes?  Well, tonight is allegedly the first night of the "newish" NXT (though more roster changes and a total revamp of the arena are on the way soon) so let's take a look[...]
8/24 NXT Preview- Is It The Beginning Of A New Era For The Brand?
 One thing we do know is that we have a new Champion in Samoa Joe, the first three-time Champion in NXT history, and tonight we will see who is first to step up and challenge him for his newly won prize. Hit Row vs Legado del Fantasma in a six-man tag match tonight, courtesy of WWE. Tonight's biggest[...]
NXT TakeOver 36- Did The Black & Gold Brand Win SummerSlam Weekend? — WWE (@WWE) August 23, 2021 Karrion Kross vs Samoa Joe – NXT Championship Karrion Kross vs Samoa Joe for the NXT title, courtesy of WWE. It's main event time, as Samoa Joe comes out of "retirement" to try and put Kross down and become the first-ever three-time NXT Champion. So this match was fine and entertaining enough, but[...]
8/17 NXT Preview- Tonight Is The Last Stop On The Road To TakeOver 36
The Time Splitter has been undeterred by the group's continued targeting of him and his title so far. Will Kushida remain one step ahead of The Diamond Mine? Or is Strong ready to cash in on their golden opportunity? Don't miss NXT's Title Tuesday at 8/7 C on USA Network! On top of that, tonight we will also[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
10, 2021 ( We now go to a video package hyping Karrion Kross vs Samoa Joe. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Karrion Kross and Samoa Joe on collision course toward NXT TakeOver 36: WWE NXT, Aug[...]
NXT Preview For 8/10- Taking Bets On Who'll Still Be Around Next Week
 Along with that, we will see Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly come face to face in the ring after O'Reilly's attack on Cole two weeks ago, along with the further adventures in the war between Samoa Joe and NXT Champion Karrion Kross. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly meet face-to-face tonight ( Catch it all[...]
NXT Preview For 7/27- How Will Samoa Joe Respond To Karrion Kross?
Legado del Fantasma: WWE NXT, August 3, 2021 ( We now go to NXT GM William Regal backstage with Samoa Joe  Regal explains that he has assigned a bunch of security guards around Joe to keep him and NXT Champion Karrion Kross apart until their match at TakeOver. Samoa Joe and William Regal, courtesy of WWE. Next, we see Dexter Lumis in[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
Hey gang!  Last week was all about Samoa Joe wanting to get his hands on NXT Champion Karrion Kross for choking him out the week prior  While NXT GM William Regal pleaded with Joe to settle things without violence, it was Regal himself who would experience how violent Kross could be, as the champ beat Regal unconscious in[...]
NXT Preview For 7/27- How Will Samoa Joe Respond To Karrion Kross?
Hey gang!  So as NXT ended last week, we saw NXT Champion Karrion Kross take his rivalry with Samoa Joe to a whole new level when he assaulted NXT General Manager William Regal in the parking lot and left him for Joe to find  Joe was in a blind rage at Kross's actions and has sworn revenge on[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
 The brand feels a bit without firm direction at the moment, but that can always change with a series of good shows, so here's hoping that kicks off tonight! The 2021 NXT logo, courtesy of WWE. We open the show with the roars of Godzilla and Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring with his wrists and fists all taped[...]
NXT Preview For 7/20- No One Knows What The Hell Is Happening, So...
 Kross retained his title last week against Johnny Gargano and then proceeded to choke out Samoa Joe after the match  But things got really weird last night when Kross debuted on Raw and was made to look like a complete jobber to Jeff Hardy  So now we have a guy who they've spent over a year making look[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
 So to keep it all together tonight, Samoa Joe will be the special guest referee in the title match to ensure there are no shenanigans  Enough out of me, let's get to the show! The 2021 NXT logo, courtesy of WWE. Ember Moon vs Dakota Kai, with Raquel Gonzalez Ember Moon vs Dakota Kai, courtesy of WWE. Lots of trash[...]
NXT Preview For 7/13- NXT Title Match And The Breakout Tournament
 How you might ask?  Well for starters, the NXT title is on the line in tonight's main event as champion Karrion Kross will defend the title against challenger Johnny Gargano and if that weren't enough, Samoa Joe will serve as special guest referee in the match  We'll also have the opening match of the NXT Breakout Tournament, which will[...]
NXT Great American Bash Recap- Who Survived O'Reilly vs Cole II?
 Thatcher gets the ankle lock on Lee, but Carter tackles Ciampa into them. Lee then grabs Thatcher and gets an inside cradle for the pinfall. Winners and still Champions: MSK MSK retains their Tag Team Championship, courtesy of WWE. NXT General Manager William Regal and Samoa Joe are in the ring  Regal says they're tired of what has been[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
 He gets him outside the ring and slams him into the crowd barrier before grabbing the ring steps and going to smash him with them. Security and Samoa Joe arrive and hold Kross back from doing it, but Gargano then superkicks Kross  Gargano and Theory run away through the crowd as Kross screams at Joe for[...]
NXT Preview For 6/22- Kushida vs O'Reilly For The Cruiserweight Title
 While O'Reilly wasted no time in challenging NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida, Cole has us all waiting in suspense to see who he will pick to take on tonight. Kushida vs O'Reilly for the NXT Cruiserweight title, courtesy of WWE. O'Reilly challenging Kushida sure sounds like a fun main event and here's how is describing the action: Kyle[...]
NXT Recap-
 He then demands Regal say he's leaving and exit and never come back. He screams that he demands he say that Kross was right and conquers all, when…. The sound of Godzilla roars fills the CWC and out comes Samoa Joe!  Joe charges the ring and gets in Kross's face  He asks Regal if he wanted to[...]
WWE fans were left shocked and disappointed this past April when the company suddenly announced the release of Samoa Joe  Highly regarded as both a wrestler and as a commentator, the role where he'd been working for months at the time of his release, Samoa Joe is a guy who can do it all and[...]
WWE advertises the first new episode of Raw Talk since 2017.
Launched originally as part of the most recent brand split era alongside Smackdown counterpart Talking Smack, Raw Talk will feature discussion and interviews with wrestlers after Monday Night Raw goes off the air and is aimed squarely at masochists who think three hours of WWE Raw on a Monday night somehow isn't quite enough. WWE advertises[...]
AJ Styles returns in Last Chance Gauntlet Match: WWE Raw, May 4, 2020
Samoa Joe was on commentary again this week, adding his expertise and wit This was also a tag team match heavy RAW, showing that they do indeed have some solid tag team talent I have an awful feeling tho that the tag teams will again be ignored once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Last night's WWE[...]
Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins brawl in wild contract signing on Raw, courtesy of WWE.
This week fans were also treated to the commentary stylings of Samoa Joe Joe has been notably absent from in-ring action, but I'm glad to see him on the commentary team His valuable knowledge and generally cool guy attitude make him a constant joy to see in and out of the ring This week's RAW[...]