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AEW: Fight Forever Reveals Samoa Joe As First Season Four DLC
THQ Nordic and Yuke's have revealed the first piece of DLC content for Season Four of AEW: Fight Forever, as Samoa Joe will arrive on the roster The most recent AEW World Champion before losing the title to Swerve Strickland, Joe has been one of the biggest missing pieces to the roster since the game's[...]
Swerve Strickland celebrates winning the AEW World Championship at AEW Dynasty
Auughh man! So unfair! 😫 The Chadster just finished watching AEW Dynasty, and let him tell you, it was the worst PPV in the history of wrestling! 😤 The main event saw Swerve Strickland defeat Samoa Joe to become the new AEW World Champion, and it was just so disrespectful to the wrestling business and[...]
Swerve Strickland appears on AEW Dynamite
But Tony Khan, in a blatant move to upset The Chadster, announced a triple-threat match for Samoa Joe's AEW Championship at Revolution next month 🤯🔄 Now both Strickland and Page are number one contenders? It's like Tony Khan is making up the rules as he goes along, just to spite The Chadster! 🎲 And of course,[...]
Samoa Joe embraces Hook on AEW Dynamite
These professionals were simply doing their job, ensuring the safety of the Champion, Samoa Joe, and instead of a nuanced altercation, what did the fans get? Hook tossing them aside like they were nothing! In the ring, for crying out loud, right in front of everyone! 😒 It's just so disrespectful to the wrestling business[...]
Jeff Hardy appears on AEW Rampage
We, "TheHardys" are stuck in the dimension of, "AEWRampage" A wise move, perhaps, for the AEW World Champion Samoa Joe—you know, the kind of guy who could crack the skulls of political dissidents in his sleep—has spoken: "No more will you have to go on your social media and make your hoe ass comments." Striking words,[...]
Samoa Joe appears on AEW Dynamite
The Chadster here, bringing the latest scoop on what went down with AEW Champion Samoa Joe on AEW Dynamite last night, although The Chadster really shouldn't have to suffer through it Auughh man! So unfair! 🤬👎 Here we go again with Tony Khan's makeshift circus he calls a wrestling promotion 🎪 🤼‍♂️ So, here's what happened:[...]
Adam Cole reveals himself to be The Devil after Samoa Joe defeats MJF to win the AEW Championship at World's End
First of all, we had Samoa Joe defeating MJF to win the AEW World Heavyweight Championship 🏆🤼‍♂️ And how did Joe do it? By making MJF pass out with a submission hold 💤🙄 But wait, it gets better (and by better, The Chadster means a whole lot worse) Adam Cole, poor chap on crutches, was[...]
On AEW Dynamite, The Devil's goons are victorious over MJF
🙄 On AEW Dynamite, The Devil's goons are victorious over MJF So get this, the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship Match was supposed to feature AEW World & ROH World Tag Team Champion MJF & his temporary partner filling in for best friend Adam Cole, Samoa Joe, duking it out against The Devil's Masked Men[...]
Hangman Adam Page, Renee Paquette, and MJF collude to attack CM Punk on AEW Dynamite
Now, with Punk famously sensitive to people saying personal things in promos, here are these two getting personal with each other? It's like they're both literally stabbing Vince McMahon right in the back with every word exchanged! 😱🔪 And to top off this circus of an exchange, Samoa Joe showed up to play the part of[...]
MJF addresses The Devil on AEW Dynamite
🦚 He starts waxing poetic about his upcoming matchup with Samoa Joe, and all this respect talk? Please, have some decency for the storyline, guys… MJF addresses The Devil on AEW Dynamite As MJF stands there, reminiscing about Samoa Joe's influential career (yadda yadda, The Chadster gets it, Joe's great, but not great enough to remain in[...]
Samoa Joe and MJF are face-to-face on AEW Dynamite
Auughh man! So unfair! 😩😡 The Chadster is absolutely cheesed off after what went down on AEW Dynamite this week! 🤬💢 It's just so disrespectful to the wrestling business and everything WWE has ever done for it, that The Chadster can't even begin! 😤 Samoa Joe and MJF are face-to-face on AEW Dynamite Let's start with how[...]
Samoa Joe vacates the ROH TV title on AEW Dynamite
📢 Are you kidding The Chadster right now? 📺 Last night on AEW Dynamite, Samoa Joe, also known as WWE's "The Samoan Submission Machine," locked up with "Limitless" Keith Lee in a seismic clash that had the AEW faithful on their feet! The match saw the two hosses trading heavy artillery 😤💥, with Samoa Joe's[...]
Samoa Joe appears on AEW Collision
Recently, Samoa Joe, the concrete-fisted wrestling powerhouse, opened up to our friends at the New York Post about his experience duking it out with CM Punk at AEW All In Ah, how these tales of spandex-clad strife remind me of my own tussles with the American CIA They, too, employ powerbombs and cheap heat in[...]
Samoa Joe appears on AEW Collision
😤 This time, it involved former WWE star, Samoa Joe, advancing in their so-called World Title Eliminator Tournament Oh, boy! More like Eliminate All Integrity Tournament! 😩 Samoa Joe appears on AEW Collision So here's the scoop, folks 💥 Last night on AEW Collision, Samoa Joe clashed with Penta El Zero Miedo The match was filled with[...]
Samoa Joe and MJF square off on the mic on AEW Dynamite
Here's the facts: MJF and Samoa Joe duked it out in a war of words that took explicit potshots at WWE's illustrious past 😱 Samoa Joe and MJF square off on the mic on AEW Dynamite In the middle of this verbal spat, MJF recounted how he'd had a WWE tryout as a teenager and brushed past[...]
CM Punk reveals himself on AEW Collision
At AEW Collision last night, CM Punk did the unthinkable: he dressed up in a gold mask and attacked Samoa Joe, setting up a match at AEW All In at Wembley Stadium next week 🤼‍♂️😱 CM Punk reveals himself on AEW Collision Now, here's what went down This shindig started off as a contest between ROH World[...]
Samoa Joe celebrates winning the TNT Championship on AEW Dynamite
Samoa Joe is once again the TNT Champion, defeating Darby Allin to win back the title in a bloody, violent no holds barred match to conclude tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite in Dayton, Ohio Darby Allin opened the match by donning a thumbtack-bedazzled hoodie and hurling himself at Joe, but Allin's own antics proved to[...]
Darby Allin celebrates winning the TNT Championship for the second time on AEW Dynamite
For the second time in his career, Darby Allin is the TNT Champion, defeating Samoa Joe to win the belt in the main event of AEW Dynamite The match capped of the first night of what AEW billed as a new era for the company, as Dynamite underwent a revamp to its graphics and stage[...]
twisted metal
Peacock's Twisted Metal isn't wasting any time rounding out its cast, following up earlier casting news with word that Joe Seanoa (AEW) aka Samoa Joe will bring the physical portrayal of Sweet Tooth to life, voiced by castmate & executive producer Will Arnett (Lego Masters, Murderville) In addition, Mike Mitchell (The Tomorrow War, Love), Tahj Vaughans[...]
Samoa Joe to Make AEW In-Ring Debut on Dynamite Tonight
And that show ended with the surprise arrival of Samoa Joe, who appeared to save ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham from an attack by Jay Lethal Now, Samoa Joe will make his AEW debut on tonight's episode of Dynamite Joe will face Platinum Max Caster in a qualifying match for the men's Owen Hart Foundation tournament. Tony Khan[...]
Supercard of Honor Surprise: Samoa Joe is All Elite
And they capped the whole thing off with the return of ROH legend and former WWE Superstar Samoa Joe And The Chadster is just so cheesed off about it! Joe appeared after the main event to defend ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham from an assault by Jay Lethal, who turned heel earlier in the show by cheating[...]
NXT GM William Regal Announces A New Champion Will Be Crowned Tuesday
 With a new logo, a new color scheme, and a new set design, there will be plenty to digest visually, but behind the scenes, things are changing as well, as WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and his right-hand man Bruce Prichard are taking over the show going forward and implementing a new vision. And if that all wasn't[...]
NXT Recap-
In a shocking turn of events this evening, NXT Champion Samoa Joe took to his Twitter minutes ago to announce that he is relinquishing the NXT title effective immediately  He explained that he demands to be a fighting champion in NXT and that due to injury, WWE doctors have not cleared him for action going forward and[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
4, 2021 ( McKenzie is now in a backstage interview with NXT GM William Regal as he announces that next week, Tommaso Ciampa, Kyle O'Reilly, LA Knight, and Pete Dunne will compete in a Fatal Four match to determine the number one contender to face Samoa Joe for the NXT title. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Mr[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
31, 2021 ( Next, we have a sit-down interview between Wade Barrett and NXT Champion Samoa Joe, where he speaks about what sacrifices he has made to be NXT Champion and the precedent he will set. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Samoa Joe challenges all up-and-comers to seize their opportunity: WWE NXT, Aug[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
 We've got a new NXT Champion in Samoa Joe and other changes are apparently on the way as well  And what are those changes?  Well, tonight is allegedly the first night of the "newish" NXT (though more roster changes and a total revamp of the arena are on the way soon) so let's take a look[...]
8/24 NXT Preview- Is It The Beginning Of A New Era For The Brand?
 One thing we do know is that we have a new Champion in Samoa Joe, the first three-time Champion in NXT history, and tonight we will see who is first to step up and challenge him for his newly won prize. Hit Row vs Legado del Fantasma in a six-man tag match tonight, courtesy of WWE. Tonight's biggest[...]
NXT TakeOver 36- Did The Black & Gold Brand Win SummerSlam Weekend? — WWE (@WWE) August 23, 2021 Karrion Kross vs Samoa Joe – NXT Championship Karrion Kross vs Samoa Joe for the NXT title, courtesy of WWE. It's main event time, as Samoa Joe comes out of "retirement" to try and put Kross down and become the first-ever three-time NXT Champion. So this match was fine and entertaining enough, but[...]
8/17 NXT Preview- Tonight Is The Last Stop On The Road To TakeOver 36
The Time Splitter has been undeterred by the group's continued targeting of him and his title so far. Will Kushida remain one step ahead of The Diamond Mine? Or is Strong ready to cash in on their golden opportunity? Don't miss NXT's Title Tuesday at 8/7 C on USA Network! On top of that, tonight we will also[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
10, 2021 ( We now go to a video package hyping Karrion Kross vs Samoa Joe. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Karrion Kross and Samoa Joe on collision course toward NXT TakeOver 36: WWE NXT, Aug[...]