The Flash Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: Luck Be A Lady

This article contains spoilers for The Flash episode 'Luck Be A Lady'.


Part of the plan for the fourth season was to try and get back to the more fun, light tone of season one. I think the show is doing that well with an episode like this, but at the same time they're moving the main story along in a very compelling way. This was one of those episodes that seems light, but has a lot of important things happening that you don't realize.

The main story is, of course, Becky Sharpe, who has suddenly become very lucky — but as it happens, bad things start happening to other people. She can rob a bank by just walking in and taking the money — alarms suddenly break, guards begin to choke, tellers wander off. Oh, and a barrel of marbles spills to trip the Flash.

As her luck grows, the bad luck around the city gets worse and is affecting everyone. From the water pipes bursting at Joe's house to the particle accelerator turning back on, it's a mess. But by letting the accelerator blow, it negated her bad luck field, allowing the Flash to capture her and toss her into Iron Heights.

The really interesting stuff happened around all of that. Harrison Wells of Earth-2, or Harry, is back, and he brings the equivalent of a Dear John letter for Wally West. This leads to Wally going to see Jesse Quick. By the end of the episode, he knows it's done with her, and he decides to leave Central City for a while to find who he is.

While on Earth-2, Wells helps Jesse put together her own support staff, and then fires him. Looks like he's going to stay around Earth-1 a while. With Wells there, they are able to discover the source of the new metas, a bus full of people who were right there when Barry Allen came out of the Speed Force, creating a Dark Matter event. There were 12 people on the bus — the same number of people The Thinker is looking to collect.

Wells theorizes that the Samuroid that came to Central City demanding the Flash was sent by someone to specifically cause a Dark Matter event. This means that the person who sent the Samuroid knew that Barry was in the Speed Force and that Cisco and crew would pull him out.

This episode featured a second meta that you can almost feel sorry for. Ramsey Deacon was screwed over by his partners and Becky Sharpe seemed to have the world against her. Then they both got powers and wanted to balance the scales. Kilg%re turned to murder, but until Hazard learned about her powers, she didn't even realize she was hurting people. And to see that this is all part of the Thinker's plan including causing the Dark Matter event, that kind of raises the stakes.

The writers are doing an excellent job this season, getting away from the evil speedster rut and guiding us along with this new mystery. Next week we meet another of the 12, but who will the other nine be? There's nothing to say that they will all be villains. So which other characters will we be meeting from the DCU? This would be an interesting way to introduce a character like Chunk.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Cecile is pregnant… and Joe's reaction is utter shock.

The Flash Season 4 is exciting and intriguing — I'm back to looking forward to each episode.

Net week is going to be fun as we get to meet Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man. Played by Hartley Sawyer, Dibny looks like a crooked ex-cop who seems to have a lot of enemies and happened to be on the bus with Hazard and Kilg%re. The idea is that Dibny joins Team Flash eventually, which would be a nice addition as they try to figure out the Thinker's plans. Plus, things are going to get interesting as Danny Trejo appears as Breacher, Gypsy's father. Poor Cisco.

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