Happy! Season 2: Making Easter Great Again with Weird Al and More Morrison Magic

Ray Flook, Bleeding Cool's designated televangelist at New York Comic Con and other environs, wants me to tell everyone that Happy! Season 2 is going to Make Easter Great Again.  WWE star Big Show has a role in season 2, as does Ann-Margret, and of course Bryce Lorenzo and Christopher Fitzgerald will return from season 1 of the series on SyFy, and obviously Christopher Meloni and Patton Oswalt are still the ringleaders of the series which is based on the comic book by writer Grant Morrison and artist Darick Robertson. We've reported much of that news recently, but an interesting new twist is that Weird Al Yankovic will be joining the voice cast as an imaginary friend.  I believe I first saw Weird Al in concert around 1983, and anyone who can maintain that level of manic energy over that length of time is worth keeping an eye on — just to see how he does it.

Oswalt's comment on the video below about "going way too far" also reminds me of something about Happy!. Around Christmas last year, I signed for a Fedex from the NBCUniversal legal department.  This being Bleeding Cool, that was not the first nor the last time I've received something from the NBCUniversal legal department, and while it's not something I'd let ruin Christmas, such things are occasionally time consuming and annoying.  I rolled my eyes and resigned myself to spending the day sorry-not-sorrying about whatever it was.

I did realize in short order that the contents of this Fedex were not from a lawyer, however, as inside a rather makeshift wadded up covering, I found an even more makeshift Happy! Christmas card, which looked like it'd been dipped in some sort of fluid and also contained what looked like human hair.  There's only one or two of those NBCUniversal lawyers who have any sense of humor at all, so I presumed that lets them off the hook.

All this said, I did start watching the show on Ray's recommendation, and I do like it.  And as for going too far, well… many Happy returns.

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