Impact Wrestling – Chris Jericho Appears on Impact… Via Telephone

The second hour of Impact Wrestling is upon us!  We've already seen two good matches and a Deaners match, plus an excellent promo between Rich Swann and Eric Young. What else does Impact have in store? Let's find out.

The official logo of Impact Wrestling.
The official logo of Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling Report for September 15th, 2020 Part 2

Taya Valkyrie talks to Rosemary backstage. Rosemary had to leave Impact last week because she needs to resurrect James Mitchell so he can officiate her wedding. Taya wants Rosemary to help her with her match tonight. Rosemary says she has some business to take care of, and then she'll meet her out there.

Brian Myers comes to the ring. Hopefully, he's not going to fight Willie Mack for the third time, or I'm gonna have to assume Myers' WWE release had a clause where Vince McMahon still gets to book his career for the rest of his life. God damn it, Willie Mack comes out.

Brian Myers vs. Willie Mack

  • What can be said about this match that wasn't said the first two times we've seen it?
  • Once again, Mack puts up a good showing, but Myers, who claims to be "the most professional wrestler," is actually "the most cheating wrestler." He got the better of Willie Mack twice via cheating.
  • But he's having less success this time. Mack just won't stay down.
  • And finally, Myers' cheating ways backfire when he runs chest-first into an exposed turnbuckle that he removed the cover from. Mack hits him with a stunner for the win.

Okay, so Brian Myers, whose literal gimmick in WWE was that he never wins, beat Willie Mack two times out of three, and this is supposed to be a victory for former X-Division Champion Willie Mack? Okay.

Rosemary talks to Havok backstage. She needs Havok's help in resurrecting James Mitchell. She needs either a virgin sacrifice or the consensual cooperation of the murderer. Havok isn't into it. Rosemary insists. Havok beats Rosemary down. Neveah pulls her away, and they leave. Impact takes a commercial break. The discussion subject is basically whatever the Twitch chatters want to talk about. Melissa Santos doesn't really prepare for these shows. She just wings it. I respect that. I wing literally everything I do.

Moose complains to Scott D'Amore about EC3 stalking him. He says all the things EC3 has done to him lately. D'Amore says Moose's feud with a guy who doesn't even work here over a title that doesn't exist isn't his top priority. D'Amore says this is all in Moose's head. He's having anxiety and making this all up. He tells Moose to calm down and get ahold of himself and walks off. Moose considers what he said.

It might be right. But then EC3 astral projects a promo. Okay, actually, it's just a regular projector on the wall. Not a powerful one either. You can barely see it in the light. Time is running out for Moose before EC3 destroys the TNA Championship. Moose takes out his phone and calls "Demo God." He needs a favor. He brings up when Jericho got the AEW Championship stolen while he was eating out at a restaurant and asks for advice. HE gets some advice, thanks Jericho, and promises the Bubbly is on him next time.

Rhino sneaks Heath Slater into the building. Then Tennille Dashwood is doing a photoshoot backstage when Jordynne Grace interrupts. She wants to wrestle. But Tenille says she's just jealous. Grace tells Tenille they have a match next week. The photoshoot continues.

Kiera Hogan comes out with Tasha Steelz. Taya Valkerie comes out. No, Rosemary, yet.

Kiera Hogan vs. Taya Valkyrie

  • This is basically the same story as last week. Taya dominates, except when she's getting double-teamed.
  • Rosemary never shows up to even the odds.
  • This time, Hogan gets the win with a suplex pinning combo after Tasha interferes with an eye rake.

Rhino walks in on Hernandez backstage at the arm wrestling table. He wants to arm wrestle Hernandez again. But he won't wrestle with his back to the door, so he makes Hernandez switch sides at the table with him. As they get ready to wrestle, Heath sneaks up behind him to steal his wad of arm wrestling money. After a few teases, Rhino manages to distract him so that Heath can steal the money. Then Rhino decides he doesn't want to arm wrestle after all and leaves. Impact takes another commercial break. One of the discussion subjects is Hernandez's ridiculous facial hair. Another is the idea that the Knockouts should have their own show, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

Chris Bey approaches Rohit Raju backstage. Bey says Raju owes him a rematch for the X-Division Championship. But Raju says TJP beat him, so he deserves a shot first. TJP shows up. Raju says that he lost to Trey, so Trey should have a shot first. Trey shows up and wants his shot. You can see where this is going. Raju says all three of them should fight in a triple threat for the shot. They make him outright say the winner gets a shot, then they agree.

The North comes to the ring. Then Ace Austin and Madman Fulton do. Then Impact takes a commercial break. Then the Motor City Machine Guns. Then The Good Brothers. This is the main event tonight.

Impact Main Event – The North, Ace Austin, and Madman Fulton vs. The Motor City Machine Guns and the Good Brothers

  • This is your typical eight-man tag between two sets of tag teams that are feuding with each other. Everyone has a chance to hit some big moves—standard stuff.
  • After back and forth throughout the match, you eventually get the portion where everyone takes turns hitting moves on each other. It ends with Chris Sabin alone with The North. But Ace Austin blind tags in and steals the pin from the North, adding an extra wrinkle to these feuds.

Austin and Fulton celebrate as everyone else looks annoyed, and then Impact ends. Another good show from Impact Wrestling, which is on a hot streak.

This post is part of a multi-part series: Impact Wrestling Report for September 15th, 2020.

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