Inside Man: Lydia West Offers Details on Steven Moffat Crime Drama

Inside Man is the new crime miniseries written by former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat. Since it's Moffat, it's highly anticipated since you can always expect a complex and ambitious tale from his pen. We'll leave star – and potential next Doctor Who or companion – Lydia West to talk about the story.

Inside Man: BBC Teases David Tennant, Stanley Tucci Crime Miniseries
Lydia West with Stanley Tucci in "Inside Man", BBC

"So the drama is coming to BBC and Netflix and it follows the life of a vicar from an English town, a math tutor, and a prisoner on death row. So that's the tutor played by Dolly Wells, Stanley Tucci the prisoner, and David Tennant being the vicar, and somehow their lives all intertwined and they're all connected in some way. So it's a bit of a dot to dot of how these three individuals could connect," West told the Radio Times when they asked her to spill about Inside Man as well as her possible involvement with Doctor Who (she didn't reveal much there) "But it's definitely a nail-biting, high suspense thriller. That I'm very, very excited for everyone to see."

West plays a character named Beth Davenport, who is seen in production stills sitting in the prison visiting room with Tucci's death-row inmate. It's entirely possible her character might be American unless there's a reason for a British woman to make the journey to the US to talk to a death-row inmate. That's not outside the realm of possibility given that the plot hinges on an unexpected connection between Tucci's character in the US and the English vicar played by Tennant and the mathematician played by Wells. This being a Moffat story, it's likely to be structurally complex and clever, even involving some timey-whiny without Science Fiction, since flashbacks and flashforwards are common conventions in Moffat's writing toolbox.

Inside Man is a co-production between the BBC and Netflix, which means it will be available for streaming on Netflix worldwide outside after its premiere on BBC Television in the UK. Moffat's other upcoming series is the HBO adaptation of Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveller's Wife, which is already in postproduction. Premiere dates for Inside Man and The Time Traveller's Wife are still forthcoming.

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