Iron Fist Season 2: Simone Missick Comments on the Potential of a Danny/Misty Relationship

When it was announced that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist would be getting their own Netflix series, everyone pretty much thought they knew what to expect. Jessica and Luke would get together, and Misty Knight and Danny would get together. Within the first episode of Luke Cage we all realized that the Netflix series would not be following the comics when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

Simone Missick spoke to reporter at San Diego Comic-Con (via CBR) and was asked whether or not we're going to see the Danny and Misty relationship.

"I think that these shows are evolving. We're watching relationships happen, and I think that — you know, for example — in the original comic books, Luke and Misty never get together — or they get together, but it's not in the way that so many people expected, because they know that Luke and Jessica are together," Missick explained. "There are people who watched episode one of [Luke Cage] Season 1 who were pissed! They were like, 'What is this?! This isn't supposed to be!' Yet, you have a whole group of other people who are like, 'I want them together forever!' People don't know what they want until we give it to them."

Iron Fist Season 2: Simone Missick Comments on the Potential of a Danny/Misty Relationship

Missick went on that fans who are expecting certain things from these shows should have a little faith in the creators. They are telling long stories, and sometimes it takes time for people end up together.

"So I think that, you know, everything is always evolving within these shows, and I think that the fans just have to trust that Jeph [Loeb] and Raven [Metzner] and Cheo [Hodari Coker] and all of the Marvel creators know what they're doing, that they're telling the long story and — whatever happens — you're going to be happy with it one way or the other, or you're going to be mad with it one way or the other. You can't make everybody happy," she continued. "Duality exists within everything."

Missick goes on to talk about how Misty and Danny hadn't even met before The Defenders and he provided her with her new arm in the second season of Luke Cage. Missick is also playing a role in the second season of Iron Fist similar to the role that Jessica Hendwick as Colleen played in the second season of Luke Cage, so the two have are developing a connection.

"You know, in Luke Cage Season 2, obviously Misty gets her arm from Danny, and so there is a level of friendship that's intrinsic in just that," she added. "In Iron Fist Season 2, we get to watch that develop. I jokingly say that Misty is the third wheel at every one of Danny and Colleen's date nights, like she's always just showing up while they're trying to drink tea, so I think that you get to watch how these two interact with each other as well and it's in a new and interesting way I think than what fans are even expecting. So you'll have to see on September 7th!"

When it comes to relationships we don't always end up with The One right away. There are other relationships that help you grow into your best self. It sounds like everyone from the creators to the actors know that fans expect this to be a thing at some point. While they aren't ruling it out happening down the road, they also aren't saying it won't happen. The shows aren't the comics, so maybe this is one of the relationships that doesn't happen.

Summary: A young man is bestowed with incredible martial arts skills and a mystical force known as the Iron Fist.

Iron Fist, with showrunner Raven Metzner, stars Finn Jones, Jessica Stroup, Jessica Henwick, Simone Missick, Alice Eve,, and Sacha Dhawan. The second season will release on Netflix on September 7th 2018.

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