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Marvel's Iron Fist: Danger Hits Close to Home for Danny in Season 2 Trailer, Poster

If the second season of Marvel's Iron Fist is even half as good as the trailers/teasers released for it have looked, then Netflix might be witnessing one of the biggest season-to-season turnarounds since Buffy the Vampire Slayer (you know I'm right). Now with the streaming service having released a new trailer for the upcoming season, […]

Iron Fist

Marvel's Iron Fist Season 2 Has Wrapped Production

We first learned that there would be a Marvel's Iron Fist season 2 during last year's Marvel's Defenders panel at SDCC 2017. It was not a lock being the least well received of the Marvel/Netflix series of shows. But along with the announced renewal came word that showrunner Scott Buck would step down so he […]

Iron Fist #80 cover by Jeff Dekal

Iron Fist #80 Review: Punching Demons from Here to Eternity

Iron Fist and Fat Cobra interrupt the fight between Orson Randall and Miranda Rand. Danny and Cobra have a new agreement with D'Kay. Orson, Miranda, and Fat Cobra's mother can be free from Hell if the five can defeat the remaining 12 demons at D'Kay's disposal at once. Let the final round of the tournament […]

Luke Cage Season 2 first look

Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2: First Look at Mike Colter and Finn Jones

We're learning a little more about the upcoming second season of Marvel's Luke Cage, and now we have a photo of Luke (Mike Colter) and his Defenders teammate Danny Rand (Finn Jones). It doesn't seem that we're going to be getting the classic Power Man and Iron Fist "Heroes for Hire" team-up, but it's a […]

Iron Fist #78 cover by Jeff Dekal

Iron Fist #78 Review: Retreading the Origin Story

Iron Fist is reliving the most painful moments of his life. He witnesses the death of his parents, his sister, and the moment when he spared Harold Meachum. This is due to receiving the penance stare from the Ghost Rider-Hawkeye. He soon awakens in the hellscape which Las Vegas has become, and he encounters an […]

Defenders #10 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor

Defenders #10 Review: A Heartfelt Farewell from Bendis

The Hood meets up with the former Kingpin and current Mayor of New York City, Wilson Fisk, on how to best be a Kingpin of Crime. The Defenders deal with the idea of being local heroes. Black Cat appears to be turning over a new leaf as she tries to help Misty Knight and the […]

Iron fist #77 cover by Jeff Dekal

Iron Fist #77 Review: The Epic Finale to Sabretooth Round Two

The Sparrow continues her bitter duel with Choshin, as Sabretooth and the Rat of Twelve Plagues maul one another. Things begin to look truly grim for K'un-Lun until the Iron Fist returns with more ferocious back-up. With Iron Fist #77, we conclude "Sabretooth: Round Two," and it's a bombastic conclusion to the arc. Though this […]

Iron Fist #76 cover by Jeff Dekal

Iron Fist #76 Review: The Battle of K'un-Lun

Iron Fist and Sabretooth have arrived at K'un-Lun to find the city under siege by Choshin and the forces of Liu-Shi. The two dive into the chaos and the new Yu-Ti of K'un-Lun, Sparrow, engages Choshin in fierce battle. The climax to "Sabretooth: Round Two" begins with this issue, with Danny and Sabretooth stopping the […]

Iron Fist #75 cover by Jeff Dekal

Iron Fist #75 Review: The New Serpent Society Strikes

It's mayhem between the three factions of Iron Fist and Sabretooth, Choshin's forces, and the new Serpent Society. Sabretooth has his eyes set on the replacement Constrictor, whose predecessor was a close friend and associate of Victor Creed. Danny is more concerned with keeping the Book of the Iron Fist out the hands of Choshin. […]

Iron Fist #74 cover by Jeff Dekal

Iron Fist #74 Review: Aww, Sabretooth Does Care!

Upon searching his grave, Sabretooth and Iron Fist learn that the Constrictor is indeed still dead. This means that the Constrictor that stole the Book of the Iron Fist is someone who took the costume and identity. To learn who, the two go to the Bar with No Name, a notorious hideout for lowlifes and […]

'Marvel's Luke Cage' Season 2: Iron Fist Danny Rand Comes Visiting

If this "first look" of them sharing screen time together in Season 2 of Marvel's Luke Cage is any indication, it might not be long before we see Danny Rand/Iron Fist (Finn Jones) and Luke Cage (Mike Colter) putting out cheesy late-night public access commercials for their new Heroes for Hire business. Though details on […]

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Finn Jones Is Back In The Gym, Training For More Iron Fist

OK, internet — Finn Jones might have heard your complaints about his fighting in Marvel's Iron Fist… and Marvel's The Defenders. The former Game of Thrones star is already in the gym training for Season 2 of his Netflix series where he plays Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist. In the first season of Iron Fist, […]

Marvel Legacy – Iron Fist #73 Review: Fists, Claws, And Tentacles

Liu-Shi continues their relentless hunt of Daniel Rand, wielder of the Iron Fist of K'un Lun. Meanwhile, the Iron Fist himself plans his return to the immortal city of his power's origin. Unfortunately, a bump in the road towards that goal arises, and he must turn to an unexpected source for help… Much like Marvel […]

Iron Fist

Iron Fist #7 Review: They Should Make A Show About This

Shang Chi, the Master of Kung Fu, has been taken over by the powerful Seer, who has been paid to kill the Iron Fist. Shang is an even more skilled martial artist than Danny Rand himself, and this puts the Iron Fist in great danger of being killed by one of his oldest allies. Danny […]

Iron Fist #6 Review- The Living Weapon And The Master Of Kung Fu

As his plane lands in Vancouver International Airport, Danny is still recovering from his time on Liu-Shi. He spots some suspicious figures on the runway, and they attack the plane, giving it a rough landing. Iron Fist busts out of the hull and begins defending the passengers from the assailants. They tell Danny that they […]

Iron Fist #5 Review: A Masterpiece Of A Kung Fu Comic

After surviving two more challengers, Iron Fist and the Rabbit of Holy Flame confront the high council of Liu-Shi on the murder of Hark. The two tell them that it was Choshin instead of Danny. However, the Wolf cares little of this affair and only wants to finally challenge the Iron Fist in one-on-one combat. […]

Immortal Iron Fist

Marvel's TL;DR Takes On The Immortal Iron Fist

The latest Marvel TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) takes on the Immortal Iron Fist and the Seven Cities of Heaven in 3 minutes. This is based on the series by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and David Aja. You start with the idea that K'un L'un is a magical city that only appears every seven years […]