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JMS Had Conversation Today Confirming Babylon 5 Reboot Still Alive

Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski revealed he had a conversation earlier today confirming that the reboot project is still in play.

Yesterday, we reported on Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski pushing back on rumors that his planned "from-the-ground-up" reboot was no longer happening. Taking to social media, JMS revealed that WB is contractually obligated to inform him if that was the case. In addition, JMS reminded fans that he's always been open & honest with them when it comes to updates, laying out additional points that demonstrated why the reboot is "still in process."

babylon 5
BABYLON 5 (Image: Warner Home Entertainment)

Earlier this evening, JMS engaged with one of the reporters whom JMS takes issue with regarding their reporting on the franchise's future – and in one of his exchanges, JMS revealed that he had a conversation earlier today to reaffirm that the project was still alive. "You did say that the project was 'dead,' and it is not, per a conversation I had today to confirm this," JMS tweeted. "You didn't say they're still trying, per 'many projects.' You made a statement that is *provably untrue* so I again strongly suggest you delete and retract."

babylon 5
Image: Twitter/X Screencap

"The rumors are patently false. WB would have had to inform me per contractual obligations. This hasn't happened. As noted yesterday, the pilot script hasn't even gone out to streamers yet because we're waiting for the Paramount situation to resolve. For 30 years, I've been 100% straight with fans about the fate of the show. Nothing's changed,' JMS shared over a series of five tweets on Tuesday, addressing the rumors. "During the 5 original years, every few weeks, somebody would jump up to say, 'It's been canceled,' to rile people up or get attention. That's why that dedication card appears at the end of S4, to those who 'predicted it would fail in its mission' and were always wrong."

JMS continued, "I would have no reason and obtain no benefit if I said it was still in process if it wasn't (and again, WB would have to inform me) other than to lose all the credibility I've gained by always being absolutely straight with the fans for three decades. So when I say it's still in process, it's still in process. It's been the universe's worst case of bad timing trying to get this beast out to market, but the market is there and wants to see where what we have in mind. The same person responsible for much of this said that another animated movie is in 'serious development' with me. 100% false. There haven't even been any *conversations* with WB because they're going through a lot, so we're all waiting for them to achieve clarity. So be wary."

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