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The Last Dangerous Visions: JMS Prepares "Lost" Harlan Ellison Book
JMS is the executor of Harlan and Susan Ellison's literary estate, and part of that job is to prepare Ellison's work for republication and keep it in print. "The Last Dangerous Visions" graphic from JMS Dangerous Visions is the legendary Science Fiction anthology edited by Harlan Ellison that heralded the New Wave alongside Michael Moorcock's New Worlds[...]
Babylon 5 The Lost Tales DVD Cover
Michael Straczynski has a longer career in writing television.  A huge silver age Superman fan, JMS got into television writing in the 1980s and wrote hundreds of scripts staring with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and going on to She-Ra Princess of Power, the Real Ghostbusters, and the 1980's Twilight Zone relaunch.  It[...]
Marvel Brings Back Classic "Sins Past" Story in JMS Spider-Man Omnibus
Michael Straczynski had a very memorable run on Amazing Spider-Man in the mid-2000s, with notable improvements like "now Spider-Man has organic web-shooters like in the movies" and the unforgettable One More Day storyline, in which Spider-Man, totally keeping within his character, makes a deal with Mephisto that sacrifices his marriage, a storyline that was a[...]
J. Michael Straczynski Pens Heartfelt Letter About his Friend, Harlan Ellison
Michael Straczynski took to his facebook page to write a letter, talking about where he came from and how important Harlan's friendship was to him. The pair worked together a few times, Ellison wrote two episodes of JMS's Babylon 5 space-centric tv series, as well as JMS adapting for film one of Ellison's works, "Repent, Harlequin! Said[...]