Jujutsu Kaisen S01E17: 'Kyoto Sister School Part 3" Review: Girl Power

We finally get to see fine women kick some ass on Jujutsu Kaisen "Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event Group Battle Part 3." After the Kyoto team decided to abandon the task of hunting down curses during the exchange event, a Battle Royale ensues between the two schools. The Kyoto students have been instead tasked with exorcising the curse they believe Itadori to be since is Sukuna's vessel. So far we have seen budding bromances build up in the middle of the battles between Itadori and Todo, as well as between Mechamaru and Panda.

Jujutsu Kaisen
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This week though we get to see two badass women go against Kyoto students. Starting with Maki and Kasumi who get a rough awakening after realizing they severely underestimated Maki. Turns out Maki is a much more skilled fighter than the clan wants to recognize for two reasons: being a woman and lacking the Zenin power. Turns out her own family worked against her due to lacking cursed energy and constantly seems to halt her promotions, so she is still stuck in class 1. We soon see she is pretty skilled in battle getting the best out of Kasumi and running to find her twin Mai to settle some old scores once and for all.

We cut back to Nobara who is currently fighting Momo while the latter drones on and one about how much more is expected out of female Jujutsu sorcerers rather than males. Momo makes the case that not only do you have to be powerful enough to stand out on your own, but also beautiful enough to also catch their eye while referring to the Zenin twins and how hard Mai's life truly is. Nobara then rejects Momo– she states she loves herself when she is strong as much as she loves herself when she is being beautiful. She then proceeds to surprise Momo with her powers and gets the upper hand before Mai shoots her unconscious with a rubber bullet from afar.

We then see Maki find Mai and another battle starts. We see snippets of their past and why she is so angry and Maki still and jealous of the normal life she could have had. I am so tired of shitty past being used as an excuse for shitty behavior like Nobara said to Momo. Boo-hoo, your life was horrible so you become a douchebag to all those around you not even wondering if they had a similar past. Get over yourself– so many others experience multiple obstacles yet manage to still remain humble and kind in the midst of trouble. This episode sky-rocketed my like for both: Maki and Nobara. I cannot wait for the next episode of Jujutsu Kaisen and see where the next battle leads.

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