Kurt Angle Says He Lives With Pain & Needs Neck Fusion Surgery

WWE legend and Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is famous for letting everyone know that he won his Gold Medal at the 1996 Olympic Games "with a broken freakin' neck!", which is actually true.  It is also true though that Angle's neck has never fully healed and has been the source of much pain and injury throughout his pro-wrestling career that followed his amateur wrestling days.  Now (hopefully) retired from the ring, Angle has followed many of his contemporaries and started his own podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, and it is there that he revealed that even though his wrestling days are over, he is still suffering from extreme discomfort due to his bad neck and needs serious neck fusion surgery.

Kurt Angle Says He Lives With Pain & Needs Neck Fusion Surgery
The legendary Kurt Angle has revealed that he needs neck fusion surgery, courtesy of WWE.

Kurt Angle spoke about his neck and spinal problems on his podcast and revealed that while he definitely needs the fusion surgery to allow him to live a more comfortable life, he has been putting it off for quite some time.

"Well, my neck is not that great. I have a lot of motor skill problems in my hands and in my fingers because of my neck. Numbness down my arms. I have a lot of pain in my neck. I've been putting off fusion surgery for gosh, 15 years, and I may not be able to put it off much longer. I'm going to eventually have to have fusion surgery. I have had the quick-fix surgeries just so that I could get back in the ring again, and you know, the last one I did, I think, was 2015. But I'm going to eventually have to have fusion surgery; I've just been putting it off."

Spinal fusion surgery is an intense procedure that requires about a year of recovery time, but it's not exactly uncommon among pro-wrestlers like Kurt Angle.  The list of wrestlers to undergo the procedure include "Stone ColdSteve Austin in 2000, Chris Benoit in 2001, Edge in 2002, Lita in 2002, Tyson Kidd in 2015, and Trent in 2021.  Almost all of these wrestlers had successful, extended careers after the procedure, so it's unfortunate that Kurt Angle has put it off for so long, as he might have extended his career or at least have had fewer physical issues to deal with today.
In any event, it's always awful to hear that a great wrestling legend like Kurt Angle who has brought us all so many years of joy and excitement is suffering for it, later on, so here's hoping Angle does whatever is necessary to live a long and happy life without pain.

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