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The Great Advice Dave Bautista Got From Stone Cold Steve Austin
One of the reasons he had a hard time breaking in and making some money is that he was following some advice from a legend at the WWE: Stone Cold Steve Austin Austin took Bautista aside and gave him some advice that he very much took to heart, even to the detriment of his bank[...]
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: Could This Be More Than Just One Match?
 In a 2011 interview, he said "I could still get two years out of my carcass on a full-time basis." Also of note, Steve Austin did have a wrestling ring built in his house this past August, so has he been training for a comeback this whole time in private? Thank you so much to Stone Cold[...]
In 2021, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Was Still WWE's Top Merch Seller
 Austin was also in the top spot for the top-grossing single item of the year, with his "Stone Cold Steve Austin Legacy Championship Collector's Title" out-grossing any other item offered by WWE for the past year  He held two of the top three spots on that list, with his iconic "Smoking Skull Championship Belt" coming[...]
Biography: Stone Cold Steve Austin Review - An Honest Look At Fame
 We learn that about "Stone Cold" Steve Austin throughout the two-hour documentary, Biography: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, that debuted on A&E last night and we see how he became one of those exceptional people. Biography: Stone Cold Steve Austin follows the life of the most popular wrestler ever, courtesy of WWE. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is the[...]
Biography: Stone Cold Steve Austin - Preview A&E's New Documentary
 The second is a series of biographies on WWE's greatest legends of all time, and they're kicking it off tomorrow night with a two-hour documentary on arguably their greatest legend, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Biography: Stone Cold Steve Austin with kick-off A&E and WWE's new series of legends documentaries, courtesy of WWE. In an exclusive interview with[...]
Chris Jericho smiles while screwing over The Chadster's beloved WWE.
How could you, Chris Jericho?! Chris Jericho smiles while screwing over The Chadster's beloved WWE. Now, The Chadster understands that Chris Jericho probably feels some kind of loyalty toward AEW because they book him like a top star when everyone knows he's a WWE midcarder at best at this stage of his career, but is that any[...]
AEW star Chris Jericho will appear on Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin on the WWE Network/Peacock on April 11th.
Not an April Fools gag: Chris Jericho will be the next guest on Broken Skull Sessions, the podcast hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin on WWE airwaves, marking the most major crossover between WWE and AEW to date The episode will debut on April 11th on the WWE Network and Peacock, the second day of[...]
It's 3/16! Happy National Stone Cold Steve Austin Day!
 Of course, I'm describing the most popular wrestler of all-time, Stone Cold Steve Austin, as we celebrate him on what has become an annual tradition on March 16, in correspondence with his patented Austin 3:16 catchphrase. Happy 3/16, aka Stone Cold Steve Austin Day, image courtesy of WWE. Austin is obviously the face and the catalyst for WWE's[...]
Stone Cold Steve Austin PSC Statue Arrives For 3:16 Entrance
Celebrate 3:16 in style as PCS Collectibles unveiled their Stone Cold Steve Austin 1/4 Scale Maquette Coming out of the Attitude Era and wearing his 3:16 Vest, Stone Cold is ready to kick some ass in the ring once again Enhance your WWE collection with this 27.5" statue that captures the likeness of the[...]
Graphic promoting Stone Cold Steve Auston week on the WWE Network and Peacock.
WWE will celebrate Stone Cold Steve Austin this week, as the week contains the date March 16th, or 3:16 In addition to sharing Stone Cold Steve Austin moments on social media, WWE has a whole week's worth of programming lined up on the WWE Network, or Peacock for early adopters, beginning with a documentary called[...]
Who's Mr. Royal Rumble: Stone Cold Steve Austin or Undertaker, image courtesy WWE.
Royal Rumble: Stone Cold Steve Austin or Undertaker, image courtesy WWE. Since January 19, the WWE Network social media accounts have had fans vote for who should be crowned Mr Royal Rumble by viewing the head-to-head matchups on their stories and selecting who should move on in their bracket of pre-selected choices.  The bracket started with[...]
Finally, at the end of the night, Stone Cold Steve Austin came out to celebrate 3:16 day. RAW had been showing iconic clips of Austin's long career — each one better than the last Austin did a great job, even possibly ad-libbing His enthusiasm is contagious, and his interaction with Saxton was hilarious You have to[...]
WWE Royal Rumble 2019: Bleeding Cool Ranks All 32 Rumble Matches!
The Rock winning at MSG made perfect sense, while Triple H returning to the ring from his gruesome quad injury was the only possible outcome in 2002. 17- Royal Rumble 1993 (Winner: Yokozuna) 16- Royal Rumble 2005 (Winner: Batista) 15- Royal Rumble 2007 (Winner: The Undertaker) 14- Royal Rumble 2004 (Winner: Chris Benoit) 13- Royal Rumble 1996 (Winner: Shawn Michaels) 12-[...]