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Percy Jackson Disney+ Series Casts Three Including Adam Copeland
Percy Jackson and the Olympians Disney+ series added three more to its cast, including Suzanne Cryer, Jessica Parker Kennedy, and Adam Copeland, also known as Edge in WWE The trio joins series lead Walker Scobell and series regulars Aryan Simhadri and Leah Savah Jeffires Copeland will have a recurring role as Ares, the god of[...]
WWE Raw: Edge Reveals When He'll Retire, Kurt Angle Returns Next Week
After WWE Raw went off the air on Monday, Edge told his hometown Toronto crowd he plans to retire next Summer when WWE returns to the city Edge returned from a nine-year hiatus after being forced to retire in 2011, at the height of his career, due to a neck injury But it looks like[...]
Finn Balor Joins Judgment Day, Immediately Usurps Edge as Leader
In a move everyone saw coming, but no one saw coming so soon, Judgment Day turned on Edge during WWE Raw last night, promoting Finn Balor as new stable boss The change in leadership came during a segment in which Edge praised Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley for their growth under his tutelage and victory[...]
Will A Former NXT Champion Debut On WWE Monday Night Raw Tonight?
 While fans should brace themselves for a name/look change for Ciampa, because that just seems to be par for the course with NXT call-ups, it's also been reported that the current plan for WWE creative is for Ciampa to join Edge and Damian Priest in their newly-formed faction that was born in Edge's match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania. Also included[...]
WWE Raw: Oooh, Look What You Made Edge Do
Edge has entered his Taylor Swift snake phase, the Rated R Superstar revealed on WWE Raw last night Cutting a promo against his WrestleMania opponent AJ Styles, Edge laid out all the things he's allowed to happen to him since returning to WWE at the hands of Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns[...]
Jackson calls out Joe Rogan, Edge is looking for a WWE WrestleMania opponent, Comedy Central's South Park returns to The Cold War, FOX's The Cleaning Lady goes "Gangsta," Manifest might be meeting its final destiny this November on Netflix, Arrow alums Juliana Harkavy & Kacey Rohl join ABC's L.A Law revival pilot, AMC's Better Call[...]
Edge's Surprise WrestleMania Opponent Backstage Right Now? Spoilers!
This week's episode of WWE Raw has just two announced segments, and one of them is a follow-up on last week's open challenge from Edge for someone in the locker room to step up and become his WrestleMania opponent Now, a new dirt sheet report may reveal just who that opponent is And despite what[...]
AEW Dynamite Homecoming
Last week on Raw, Edge issued a challenge for someone to step up and become his WrestleMania opponent AJ Styles is an option for that spot, but Cody would be a better one, mostly because, unless WWE plans to insert him into the Reigns vs Lesnar match, or unless Cody intends to switch to the[...]
WWE Day 1 Preview: Can Brock Lesnar Finally Dethrone Roman Reigns?
Then, prior to Zayn's match against Reigns, Brock took the challenger to Suplex City before hitting him with two F5s! Moments later, The Head of the Table emerged to easily defeat the war torn Sami and the rematch between Reigns and Lesnar was set in stone. Along with that match tonight at WWE Day 1 we will also see WWE[...]
WWE Appears To Have Lost Numerous Stars Due To Covid This Week
 The same can be said for the show they held in Tampa, Florida yesterday and while WWE always says "card is subject to change", it would appear that the company's roster is being hit hard by the current explosion of Covid-19 infections that has the entire world on edge. The previously advertised duel Main Event Matches[...]
WWE Crown Jewel Recap – Edge & Seth Rollins Steal The Show
 These guys are just trying to get through the day, not put on an all-time classic and I can't blame them for that. It's not bad, as everyone in the ring is a solid veteran and they can all put on a serviceable match without too much effort. 🤯🤯🤯#WWECrownJewel @CedricAlexander pic.twitter.com/kT3nKE8dFJ — WWE Network (@WWENetwork) October 21, 2021 The[...]
Kurt Angle Says He Lives With Pain & Needs Neck Fusion Surgery
 The list of wrestlers to undergo the procedure include "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in 2000, Chris Benoit in 2001, Edge in 2002, Lita in 2002, Tyson Kidd in 2015, and Trent in 2021  Almost all of these wrestlers had successful, extended careers after the procedure, so it's unfortunate that Kurt Angle has put it off for so long, as he might have[...]
WWE Smackdown: Edge Returns Again with No Daniel Bryan to Ruin It
As WWE prepares to leave the Thunderdome and go back on the road, Edge is back on Smackdown, ramping up for a second try at a feud with Roman Reigns where, this time, Edge can actually be the babyface The previous attempt at a WrestleMania feud between the two Superstars who each wield their own[...]
Nia Jax will challenge Sasha Banks for the Smackdown Women's Championship next week.
Also, Edge will face Jey Uso for the chance to be guest enforcer in the WWE Universal Championship match at WWE Fastlane between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. Nia Jax will challenge Sasha Banks for the Smackdown Women's Championship next week. Banks teamed up with Bianca Belair to face Natalya and Tamina this week on Smackdown, but[...]
Edge will kick of Smackdown with a long and formulaic WWE opening promo this week.
Fans wondering exactly which WWE Superstar will kill the first ten to fifteen minutes of WWE Smackdown tonight can rest easy knowing: it's Edge Edge will open up tonight's episode of Smackdown on Fox, the go-home show for the Elimination Chamber PPV happening this Sunday, or at least, is supposedly happening as long as WWE[...]
WWE hopes to pop the Smackdown ratings with Edge. If at first you do not succeed, try, try again comrades! Haw haw haw haw!
And here's what WWE has in store for tonight's episode of Smackdown. WWE hopes to pop the Smackdown ratings with Edge If at first you do not succeed, try, try again comrades! Haw haw haw haw! Edge is the headliner tonight, according to the preview on WWE's website, which notes: The Rated-R Superstar has been quite busy this[...]
Edge will appear on NXT to finally give the show a ratings victory over AEW Dynamite
But The Chadster's marital bliss pales in comparison in terms of importance to the success of WWE, which is why The Chadster is in a great mood today as he reports that Edge will appear on tonight's episode of NXT. Edge will appear on NXT to finally give the show a ratings victory over AEW Dynamite A[...]
New WWE Pops Revealed During Funko Fair 2021
It looks like it will come with variant Stone Cold and Rock Pops as well. Credit Funko Individual releases this wave will include Otis with the MITB briefcase, Drew McIntyre, a comeback version of Edge, Stone Cold in jeans with the title, and Chyna. Credit Funko Exclusives will include an awesome Eddie Guerrero exclusive to Gamestop that includes a[...]
Edge Tears Tricep During Greatest Wrestling Match Ever at Backlash
Edge and Randy Orton may not have had the greatest WWE match ever at WWE Backlash, but they did alright The in-ring work of both wrestlers was fantastic, actually, though the match as a whole was marred by WWE's use of piped-in crowd noise, which served as an annoying distraction throughout the night Unfortunately, it[...]
The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever: Edge vs. Randy Orton (WWE)
Well, I'm not sure what just watched in that last match between the Viking Raiders and the Street Profits, but now it's time for the main event of WWE Backlash: Edge vs Randy Orton in The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever! Orton and Edge come to the ring The announcements of both competitors are done weirdly,[...]
Jinder Mahal appears on WWE talk show The Bump ahead of the Backlash PPV.
Edge and Randy Orton are facing off against each other in a match being billed by WWE as The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever While Jinder Mahal clearly has respect for Edge, he's worked with Orton frequently before, including during Mahal's first WWE Championship program, where he won the belt from Orton and then faced him[...]
Paige appears on WWE talk show The Bump ahead of the Backlash PPV.
One is a match between Edge and Randy Orton being billed as the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever The other is the WWE Raw Women's Championship match between Asuka and Nia Jax. Paige appears on WWE talk show The Bump ahead of the Backlash PPV. Paige has special connections with superstars from both matches When it comes to[...]
The match graphic for The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever happening at WWE Backlash
WWE Superstar Edge has been less than enthusiastic about WWE's billing of his match against Randy Orton at Backlash on Sunday as "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever," but on Saturday morning, Edge took to Twitter to post a definitive and more serious statement about the match. The match graphic for The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever happening[...]
WWE Superstar Edge Takes On Kelsey Grammar In Trailer For Money Plane
The trailer for Money Plane is out, starring Adam Copeland, aka WWE Superstar Edge, Kelsey Grammar, Denise Richards, Joey Lawrence, and Thomas Jane Quiver Distribution is releasing the thriller, about a "professional thief with $40 million in debt With his family's life on the line, he must commit one final heist – rob a futuristic[...]
Edge Would Thinks Greatest Wrestling Match Ever Could Be a Rib
Last night on WWE Raw, the go-home show for Backlash, WWE continued their promotion of Edge vs Randy Orton, billed as The Greatest Wrestling Match ever It's a pretty dumb way to promote a match that has no possible hope of living up to the hype Just ask Edge himself. The Rated-R Superstar was interviewed by[...]
The match graphic for The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever happening at WWE Backlash
On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said he heard the match was "really good" but that the purpose of filming it early was to be able to touch it up to live up to its tagline. The match graphic for The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever happening at WWE Backlash WWE has been pushing[...]
The Truth Finally Revealed About My Time In The WWE
Weber said she enjoyed WWE and expressed appreciation for Vince McMahon, JBL, and most of the wrestlers, but reveals she left the company due to bullying by Edge and Randy Orton. Amy Weber Describes Her WWE Origins "Today, I thought that I would maybe debunk some myths about me that have been going around since I left[...]
Edge and Randy Orton battle nackstage at WrestleMania.
This "Last Man Standing" match between Edge and Randy Orton at WrestleMania 36 was years in the making After being gone from in ring action for 9 years, Edge made his triumphant return during this year's Royal Rumble From there WWE gave us a passionate and ongoing storyline between Edge and his one time friend[...]
Rollins thus attacked Owens, sending Owens into a passionate promo before their match at WrestleMania. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHyNLVqdTFQVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Edge declares Randy Orton a junkie: Raw, March 30, 2020 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHyNLVqdTFQ) We then get a passionate promo with Edge With his upcoming match against Randy Orton, now is the time to get people excited[...]