Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 2: Recap and Review

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Legends of Tomorrow returned for another completely insane episode this week. The episode opens with the team using the bones Constantine gave Sara to build a version of a tracker that they could interface with the Waverider. Then Constantine shows up after spending an entire previous episode that he doesn't work with teams. Apparently getting thrown around a room [in a towel thanks for that the CW] and threatened will make a man change his mind. He insisted he isn't a member of the team and nearly gets himself decked by Mick when he asked for paid time off. Then the machine goes off and the team flies off to the Salem witch trials.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 2: Recap and Review

Meanwhile Nate is back at 2018 and trying to have a decent dinner with his father Hank but it isn't going well. Nate doesn't have any money and the two of them argue. Nate eventually stomps off insisting he doesn't need his father's money.

Constantine and Mick decide not to go off on the mission and instead we get a "why having a new roommate is the worst" montage. The team finds a woman, Jane, being accused of witch craft which becomes a stronger accusation when a bunch of crows attack people.

Ava then finds Nate back at the Time Bureau in a robe because he has nowhere to live while he's staying in 2018. Ava needs to get more funding from Washington DC and Nate offers to help her "schmooze" if she agrees to let him keep living at the Time Bureau. They need the money to find the monsters so she agrees.

The Legends bring the information on Jane back to Constantine who points out that Jane was gagged and spells are a verbal medium so it must be Jane's daughter Prudence instead. They track her down and find out that it isn't a demon but a fairy godmother that is granting Prudence this power. The godmother attacks the Legends but Prudence eventually convinces her to let them go. There are songs and Sara makes a Disney joke. Constantine looks like he can't believe this is his life and is maybe questioning all of his choices in his life. Just when he's about to send her back to hell the godmother reveals that if she goes to hell Prudence does too. The team takes her back to the Waverider and we get a Beebo cameo in the form of an iPad game

It's time for Nate to step it up but it turns out that his Dad is one of the people that Ava needs to schmooze so he refuses to help out. That means it's up to Ava and Gary to help keep the lights on in the Time Bureau.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 2: Recap and Review

Zari is not dealing with this literal witch hunt very well. She wants to help Jane but Sara reveals that Jane died before the godmother got involved. They can't change time. The godmother decides to show up to taunt Constantine and reveals her true intentions. She doesn't want to make Prudence happy; she wants her angry so she can exact revenge on the humans that imprisoned her.

Ava and Gary aren't doing a great job of convincing Hank that they need funding. For some reason Hank believes in time travel but magic is where he draws the line. He wants proof which no one has on hand at the moment.

Zari tries to save Jane twice; the first time she tries to break her out of jail but Jane refuses and says she forgives her attackers. The second time is at the trial where Zari reveals her powers in an emotional moment. She is captured and now they're both going to be burned as witches. Back at the Waverider the godmother reveals Sara's intentions not to save Jane to Prudence and breaks the girl out of the room. As they are leaving the godmother turns Ray and Mick into pigs and steals Constantine's voice. They leave with some very murderous intentions.

Ava tells Nate that they failed because Hank needs proof. Nate pops back to the Waverider and finds pig!Ray and brings him back as proof that magic is real.

Sara comes to the burning and almost manages to stop it but is overwhelmed. Then Prudence and the godmother show up. Zari eventually manages to talk Prudence down even though she must admit that humans don't get better in the future. That they will always fear that they don't understand. Prudence realizes that her mother would want her to forgive these people, not kill them, and releases her godmother.

Meanwhile, Nate is frantically trying to convince his Dad that magic is a thing with a pig when said pig turns into a very naked Ray. Ava gets the $4.2 billion in funding that she needed.

Constantine is dragging the godmother into the woods and asks her for her help protecting him from whatever is out to get him. She refuses saying that hell is a better option than going up against whatever is after Constantine. He sends her to hell.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 2: Recap and Review

Zari has made sure that Prudence and Jane are going to be okay and then apologizes to Sara for defying orders. She admits she's been bottling up a lot about the death of her own family.

Ava offers Nate a job and he tells Ray that he's going to stick around at the Time Bureau for the, well, the time being. They have a great bro hug and Ray returns to the Waverider.

As far as episodes go this one was pretty ridiculous. The jokes at the expense of Disney, including some direct shade on Cinderella, are the high light of the entire show. Constantine continues to be a breath of fresh hair to a show that didn't feel old to begin with. Zari is the underappreciated VIP of this entire show and between these two episodes it very much seems like she's going to be become the heart of the show. Her moments with her mom in the previous episode was heartbreaking but her moments here, as she is struggling to convince a young girl to spare the lives of bigots when she lost her family to bigotry, shows that the writers are paying attention to the subtext of their show.

However, this is a version of Zari we've never seen before and it comes a little out of nowhere. Her motivations make sense but that doesn't make it feel any less uncharacteristic. While the Time Bureau stuff tends to be funny the B plot of this episode was a budget proposal. We can hope that we don't get too bogged down in Time Bureau red tape even if it does give us more Gary.

Overall these last two episodes show that they aren't going for the boring versions of magical creatures what with the unicorn and the fairy godmother. It'll be interesting to see what exactly is chasing Constantine and how his relationships with the other Legends develop over the season.

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