Looney Tunes Cartoons Debuts Daffy/Porky "Postalgeist" Short at SDCC

If you've been sleeping on HBO Max, it's time to wake up, grab the cereal, and turn on the cartoons- Looney Tunes, to be specific. There are new episodes starring old favorite characters that follow in the spirit of the original cartoon shorts. TV Guide's Damian Holbrook moderates the panel featuring Looney Tunes Cartoons executive producer Pete Browngardt, supervising producer Alex Kirwan, art director Aaron Spurgeon, and voice cast members Eric Bauza, Bob Bergen, and Candi Milo all come together to chat about creating and bringing the Looney Tunes legacy to streaming and a new generation.

Looney Tunes on HBO Max - SDCC Panel
Looney Tunes SDCC Short – "Postalgeist" c/o HBO Max

Hearing the cast and crew talk legacy and what it means to them to carry on this tradition and the integrity of the characters and show warms my cartoon-loving heart. With "only" a decade of experience in the franchise, Bauza (current voice of fan favorites Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck) talks about how they make the current series feel like the originals everyone knows and loves. "What remains the same is the integrity of the characters, the characters themselves. The situations may be different but I feel like as long as these performers are told to be these characters we've known since the 1930s and 40s, that's the important thing."

Pete adds, "We're not the first people to work with these characters and we certainly won't be the last." He and fellow producer Alex go into talking about making the shorts, especially making them feel like they were in the same vein as the originals. "We didn't want to set out to reinvent it and we didn't want to set out to put new sensibilities on it. We're a group of artists and our own sensibilities would come through and they had to come through…because that's what the classic directors were doing, they were putting in things they thought were funny."

During the panel, they premiered a brand new Looney Tunes Cartoons short titled "Postalgeist", featuring Daffy and Porky as delivery drivers who are determined to deliver a package to the 13th floor of a haunted hotel. Of course, things don't go as expected and it's hilarious.

My favorite part of this Comic-Con@Home format is the "show and tell" portion from legacy animated shows – there's been so much merchandise through the years and it makes for some great memorabilia that the cast and creators love collecting. They really have fun with creating the show and genuinely love the fans, characters, and the history of the franchise and it shows in every aspect of the new Looney Tunes Cartoons on HBO max.

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