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Lynda Carter Sets Record Straight on Wonder Woman Being LGBTQ+ Icon

For nearly four years, three seasons, two networks, and two titles (Wonder Woman for the first season on ABC and The New Adventures of Wonder Woman for the remaining two seasons on CBS), Lynda Carter was our Diana Prince. And you know what? With tons of respect to Gal Gadot (who brought her on for Wonder Woman 1984 and the upcoming Wonder Woman 3), she still sits on that throne to this day. So when Carter has something to say about the character, you can be damn sure that our ears perk up and we're paying attention. For example, Carter was celebrating what Wonder Woman represents to the LGBTQ community as a way of also honoring the start of Pride Month. Well, it didn't take long for some folks on social media to try to "Diana-splain" to Carter that "their" Wonder Woman isn't a symbol for the LGBTQ+ community & to whine about how "their" character is being hijacked by "woke thinking." While we are honored to leave one of the best perspectives on this to the great Gail Simone (check out their tweet here), we just have to ask. Do they think that a (Paradise) Island populated by only females (remember, they were Amazons) would just be whittling away their days celibate & longing for a man to come crashing their way?

Wonder Woman is now on HBO Max (Image: WarnerMedia)
Wonder Woman is now on HBO Max (Image: WarnerMedia)

Carter was vibing the same way in a Tweet on Wednesday, calling out those who "want to argue that she [WonderWoman] is somehow not a queer or trans icon" for not really "paying attention" to the character's backstory:

And here's one of the reasons why Carter is so excellent. She knows she's right, she knows her words help, and she doesn't care if the more close-minded on social media want to come at her. Just look at the tweet below? Knowing she "stirred things up a bit," she uses the attention to push support for some very deserving organizations:

And for good measure, Carter offered her LGBTQ+ fans an inspirational "ready to fight your homophobic relatives":

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