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Wonder Woman is now on HBO Max (Image: WarnerMedia)
For nearly four years, three seasons, two networks, and two titles (Wonder Woman for the first season on ABC and The New Adventures of Wonder Woman for the remaining two seasons on CBS), Lynda Carter was our Diana Prince And you know what? With tons of respect to Gal Gadot (who brought her on for[...]
Lynda Carter is Wonder Woman Once Again with Iron Studios
Lynda Carter takes on the role of this Amazonian Princess once again with a beautifully crafted statue based on the hit ABC television series Standing 9" tall, Wonder Woman is loaded with bright colors and incredible sculpt based on original references, and she is placed on a themed base Iron Studios capture the likeness of[...]
Prime 1 Studios Reveals Wonder Woman TV Series Statue
The lovely Lynda Carter dons her Wonder Woman costume once again as Prime 1 Studio reveals their newest DC Comics statue Based on the popular 1975 Wonder Woman television series, the Princess of the Amazons stands 27" tall on a lovely WW symbol base and backdrop Lynda Carter comes to life once again with this[...]
Wonder Woman is now on HBO Max (Image: WarnerMedia)
Okay, maybe it's not the Patty Jenkins-directed, Gal Gadot-starring WW84 (you still have to wait for that), but so what? Any day that makes it easier to have access to the original '70s series starring Lynda Carter (Sky High, The CW's Supergirl) is a good day, and that's what today is HBO Max has launched[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
Okay, time for that big spoiler sign, responsibility for any further reading is solely on you. Wonder Woman 1984 Spoilers Ahead According to several people who have seen the movie, the mid-credit scene to Wonder Woman 1984 stars Lynda Carter, who played the character in the seventies television series She says that her name is Asteria, she[...]
Wonder Woman TV Series Returns with New Diamond Select Statue
Two that specifically stand out are the beautiful Superman: The Animated Series and Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV statues Superman features his iconic animated portrait that brings the 2D character in three dimensions This Superman statue is part of their Premier line so it costs a more than usual Diamond Gallery statues with it coming[...]
Wanna Buy some Lynda Carter 'Wonder Woman' Props at Auction?
For all you Wonder Woman aficionados- how about the chance to own some props from the original tv series starring Lynda Carter? Lynda Carter from "Wonder Woman" In PropStore's TV Treasures auction, there are two iconic props the superhero used up for auction; a bent 'steel pipe' and a bent rifle. The official description for the pipe (lot #99)[...]
Original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Getting Star On Walk Of Fame
In today's "It's about DAMN time news"- American icon Lynda Carter (aka Wonder Woman, y'all) is finally getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 3rd, 2018. Lynda Carter – Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics _ Season 1 – Photo Credit: Bill Gray/AMC The news was broken my Ana Martinez, the Hollywood Walk of Fame Producer[...]
#SavePlayer1 Gets Lynda Carter to Help Save Single-Player Experience
It stars Lynda Carter as well, check it out below, along with a message from Bethesda: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: #SavePlayer1 ( Gaming, like life, is often about social interaction – a time to join with others in a common cause, or to simply exorcise a few demons with some cathartic virtual carnage[...]
James Cameron
To me, that's not breaking ground." Cameron then went on to praise his own work once again, saying Sarah Connor is better than Wonder Woman because "there was nothing sexual about her character." This prompted a response from original television Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter Carter told "poor soul" Cameron to "stop dissing" Wonder Woman. "Perhaps you do[...]
Wonder Woman
Lynda Carter has blasted James Cameron for his repeated comments about the Wonder Woman movie. Cameron trashed Wonder Woman back in August, calling praise for the movie "self-congratulatory back-patting," and saying that the film was "a step backwards" from Cameron's own work in the Terminator franchise "She was strong, she was troubled, she was a terrible mother,[...]
Robert Kirkman Set To Reveal 'Secret History Of Comics' In November
The first season features interviews with pop culture icons such as Stan Lee, Patty Jenkins, Lynda Carter, Kevin Smith, Famke Janssen, J.K Simmons, Michelle Rodriguez, and Todd McFarlane. Here's a rundown on what we'll see this season: ●  "The Trials of Superman" looks at the legal battles over the rights to the iconic character. ●  "Misfits Who Made[...]
Lynda Carter And The Library Of Awesome
What it is an announcement from the Library of Congress that Lynda Carter will appear at Library festivities celebrating the world of comics This comes on the heels of last weeks announced "Library of Awesome," a pop-up exhibit featuring items from the Library's comic-book collections presented in conjunction with "Awesome-Con," Washington, D.C.'s annual convention of comics, cosplay[...]
Supergirl Cast Promotes Wonder Woman Release, Shows Off Cool Boots In New TV Spot
Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Lynda Carter, and Teri Hatcher appeared last night in a heavily boot-themed special TV spot promoting Wonder Woman's June 2 release during the Supergirl season finale. Though this was a paid advertisement, it has also now become a clickbait news story running for free on all of the entertainment news sites. One[...]