Marty Jannetty is Very Upset That Tony Atlas Called Him a Racist

Former 1990s WWE Superstar Marty Jannetty ended 2020 on a down note after his longtime friend and colleague, WWE Hall-of-Famer Tony Atlas, apparently called him a racist. Jannetty took to Facebook on December 29th to express his displeasure with "his good bruh's" accusation, especially when Jannetty has "more black friends than him."

Marty Jannetty in better days.
Marty Jannetty in better days.

"I'M A RACIST!!!!" Jannetty wrote. "During these times of racial unrest, one of who I thought was a good bruh, a pro wrestling friend of mine Tony Atlas,recently called me a racist..when told I have a black daughter, lots of black girlfriends and more black guy friends than him, then asked why he would call me a racist, he answered with brilliance, 'uh, um, uh, I can just tell'..calling someone a racist these days is serious shit..imagine my white ass called a black man a racist, for no backing it up reason, you already know what shit would happen…I loves and still admire Tony but that's f*cked up.."

"While this is no joke, I do need to know a serious question.. Dude, where's my phone?" Jannetty continued. "PS- Tony, on the flip side, not mad at you as much as disappointed..I thought you were WAAAY better than that..checkpoint this, I came to yo lonely hotel room with my gurrl(at that time) and my guy friend, I was the only white person in YOUR room while it was hella party going on at the convention we just served..that's pretty racist huh..and since you said I talked to you 2 times in 20 years both adding to 10 minutes, I got pics in yo room, us laughing our asses off bruh..for over an hour..RACIST? maybe it's YOU who is the racist. And dude>> Where's my phone?"

Jannetty followed that up with a second post containing photos of himself with black people. "Hey Tone Loco(Tony Atlas) if any these people, and TRUST this is on the fly, thought I was a racist, New Jack would make sure I was gone.." said Jannetty. "and I got others you don't wanna see..BANK THAT!" Jannetty did not make clear what was in the other photos that Atlas would not want to see.

This isn't the first time Marty Jannetty has complained of racial injustice against white people. The former Intercontinental Champion recently compared an alleged assault by unidentified ruffians in New York City to the murder of Breonna Taylor. "why Breanna Taylor got all that attention on mistaken identity??" Jannetty wrote at the time. "I got it because I'm white???" Jannetty has also expressed criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement, writing, "my black brothers and sisters gotta realize too..we(white people) act different over seeing black people because of a few who rape, rob, pillage and kill us, and yet you only make up 15% of the American ain't that we don't love y'all, its we're scared of what you might do to us(and the ones who ain't scared of ya, get labeled racist).." It's unclear whether it could be one of these things, or something else, that caused the rift between Jannetty and Tony Atlas.

Other recent antics by Marty Jannetty include asking whether he should have sex with his daughter, claiming that his phone was hacked and then eaten by a goat when he asked that, asking if he should have sex with a potentially underage fan, posting a photo of himself covered in what he implied was cocaine, admitting to a murder that allegedly took place during the 1970s, and then walking back that murder confession by claiming it was a wrestling angle. The goat accused of eating Jannetty's phone is, according to Jannetty, named Trash McNasty and has eaten his phone on several occasions as part of a long-running feud.

Singing Goat, photo by Veronika A /
Singing Goat, photo by Veronika A / Not actually Trash McNasty.

Jannetty also recently posted on Facebook and then deleted a claim that an adult film company offered him $200,000 to make a movie with former star Mia Khalifa, who Jannetty claimed was a fan of his wrestling and willing to come out of retirement for a two-picture deal with him. It's not the first time Jannetty has claimed to be offered large sums of money to make adult films, but his value has only increased with age, as the last time, Jannetty claimed he had been offered $150,000 for a three-picture deal. At press time, Tony Atlas has not responded to Jannetty's post.

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