Michael Rosenbaum, Jon Cryer Continue Trolling, Out-Lexing Each Other

Michael Rosenbaum, the Lex Luthor of Smallville, and Jon Cryer, Lex Luthor of The CW's Arrowverse, have a relationship worthy of the character they both played. It's a bromance for the ages as they lightly one-up each other over who is the fairest Lex of them all. Imagine actual Lex Luthor reaching out to Infinite Lex Luthors across the multiverse, just to rib them and out-Lex each other. And if two of them sort of had a bromance. That's what Rosenbaum and Cryer are.

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Rosenbaum recently struck back on Twitter, using a video filter that gave him a bald head and facial hair that mimicked Cryer's signature look. Fans went pretty crazy, especially with the #SexyLexys.

This sort of good-natured ribbing has gone back and forth between the two for a long time. The two have a long history of Twitter back and forths and most of it playfully joking about their shared histories both as working actors but also playing as iconic a role as Lex Luthor in different shows.

On top of that, not only has Cryer appeared on Rosenbaum's podcast "Inside of You," but they also once got into it over a little article we wrote ranking who was the Lexiest Luthor of them all. To both their credits, they took it all in stride and with the love, we as fans have for both of them.

So with Rosenbaum's low-key trolling of Cryer over hair and beard styles, how else would Duckie Cryer respond?

Both of these guys are so wonderful and it's always a pleasure to watch them online. They continued back and forth with Rosenbaum wishing he could grow Cryer's amazing beard:

And Cryer struck right back noting Rosenbaum's shaved head is a chosen look:

Awwww, folks, you're both precious. And we love you both just the way you are. Cryer is an absolutely must-follow on Twitter, especially for his political takes. Rosenbaum's most recent podcast episode features Katie Cassidy talking about her experience working in the Arrowverse and is definitely worth checking out, and he just joined a table read reuniting the cast of Batman Beyond. Follow them, follow their continued trolling and "Sexy Lexy" bromance.

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