Motherland: Fort Salem SDCC: Season 2 Themes, Tally Biddy-Ship & More

The last day of Comic-Con@Home aka kicked off on the television/streaming side with Motherland: Fort Salem, the cast and showrunner discussing the show, their characters, and answering questions. The panel was moderated by Lindsay McDonald (TV Guide), who was joined by Eliot Laurence (Showrunner), Taylor Hickson (Raelle), Ashley Nicole Williams (Abigail), Jessica Sutton (Tally), Demetria McKinney (Anacostia), Amalia Holm (Scylla), and Lyne Renee (General Alder).

Motherland: Fort Salem
Motherland: Fort Salem: A World of Magic, Action, and Intrigue | Comic-Con@Home 2020

The panel was more discussion-slash-Q&A, so there really wasn't much news regarding the second season. However, Laurence did offer up a few themes and possibilities for us to mull over in the meantime. First, he stated the show will continue to be wrestling with the idea of what is necessary and what is justifiable and will continue to play through many of the characters and their dynamics. He refused to answer if Tally would be "un-Biddyfied," but stated that this season they will explore the connection of "biddy-ship" by saying it "is so profoundly intimate, it's like it's a psychic bond." He elaborated, "it's almost like mother-daughter-lover." He promised it will be so deep it will haunt Tally throughout the upcoming season as she starts remembering General Alder's memories.

In regards to the future of the witches, the Spree, and The Camarilla, Laurence mentioned the Camarilla will be so bad that the Spree will pale in comparison. He discussed the history behind them and the chaos they brought with them, their only purpose being the elimination of witches. He promised the second season of Motherland: Fort Salem will very different and hinted that the dynamic between the witches and the Spree might change once they realize they are now against a bigger enemy, that maybe they are more on the same side of things.

Motherland: Fort Salem: A World of Magic, Action, and Intrigue | Comic-Con@Home 2020
Motherland: Fort Salem: A World of Magic, Action, and Intrigue | Comic-Con@Home 2020

The cast discussed their characters and their arcs along with the storyline in the first season. The most interesting subject address was the environment created in such a matriarchal society where women are not shamed by their sexuality. Also, the lack of homophobia and bigotry was addressed, but Laurence stated it is because we have been in a little bubble created by General Alder for witches away from the hate. He stated we will be seeing more of what is really like for witches when they stray further away from that little bubble next season.

I am actually glad to see that they will explore these subjects in the upcoming season of Motherland: Fort Salem, I was really wondering how different this alternate world really is from ours. I do have to say, my favorite part of this panel was seeing how the cast got so invested in the conversation and started asking Laurence questions. They asked about the future of the show, the world-building, hoping to learn mother-tongue, and also how they started making theories once they found out there will be male witches with them in War College.

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