Moxley on QT Marshall: Guy That Used to Wet Wipe Cody Rhodes' ***hole

Fans attending last night's AEW Dynamite in Columbus, Ohio were treated to a post-show by Jon Moxley after Chris Jericho defeated Wheeler Yuta in the main event. Moxley, a Cincinnati native, came to the ring at the end of Dynamite to stop Jericho from his post-match punishment of Yuta, who he kept in the Lion Tamer after Yuta submitted. After Jericho left and the show went off the air, Moxley and Yuta stuck around in the ring and were joined by Blackpool Combat Club mentor William Regal.

Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, William Regal, QT Marshall, and Claudio Castagnoli after AEW Dynamite went off the air.
Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, William Regal, QT Marshall, and Claudio Castagnoli after AEW Dynamite went off the air.

"Ohio! The motherland. The land of milk and honey. O-hio!" said Moxley. "We're about an hour and forty-five minutes from where I was born, where I grew up, where I got up this morning, fed my dog, got in a truck and came down here today. And it's where I started in this business. What is it, 2022? That's like eighteen years ago. Jesus Christ, I'm old. And now we're here, and next week, I will beat the absolute hell out of Chris Jericho next week at Quake at the Lake!"

Moxley was interrupted by QT Marshall, who walked down the ramp and tried to shut down the festivities.

"As brand new vice president of show and coordination, Jon, you gotta understand, this is Columbus Ohio, Jon," said Marshall as the crowd booed. "This is, in wrestling, what we call a 'C market.' It means you guys don't have any money. So Jon, it's not like this is New York. Tony Khan doesn't want to pay overtime to production. We did our part. We gave them a hell of a show, Jon. I know it's your hometown, I get it, you guys are celebrating a huge match next week. But Jon, you gotta understand, again, every dollar that is spent on production in the overtime, that's my raise, Jon. And I need to become a millionaire here in AEW like everybody else. With all due respect, Mr. Interim Champion, Mr. Regal, Mr. Yuta — great job, you lost, but anyway—"

"This is QT Marshall, everyone," Moxley interrupted. "The thing I don't think you understand is that actually, right here in Ohio, you have a lot of QT Marshall fans. They call themselves Q-Tips. Where my Q-Tips at? If you don't know, this is the guy that used to wet wipe Cody Rhodes' ***hole. This is a very important guy. And I think you do deserve a raise because you are the hardest working man in– hey, what is that right there?"

Marshall turned around to find Claudio Castagnoli waiting for him. Castagnoli delivered a swing that went twenty-six rotations, by the delighted crowd's count, and then Moxley gave Marshall a paradigm shift for good measure. After some more posing and singing along with Moxley's theme song, everyone left, Marshall last. As he walked out, someone in the crowd shouted, "I'm a Q-Tip!," to which Marshall responded by flipping him the bird.

Next week, at Quake by the Lake in Minneapolis, Jon Moxley will defend the Interim AEW Championship against Chris Jericho.

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