My Hero Academia Season 5 E13 Review: A Deadly Calm Before the Storm

Despite the lighthearted tone of this week's episode of My Hero Academia, "Have a Merry Christmas!", it hints that darkness is looming right around the corner. It was a very fin episode, you know- the type before shit hits the fan and things start getting serious. Clearly, this is the calm before the storm and the league is about to come up with something major as that beginning mentioned it was the "prologue to a tragedy" as destruction falls upon Deika City and Shigaraki emerges from the rubble dirty, bloody, and laughing like a maniac. I am not sure if I am prepared for tragedy. This incident is brought up a couple of times throughout the episode, are they planting a little seed here?

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Some of my favorite moments in My Hero Academia are when they address the technicalities of the hero's life, in this episode: the importance of media and dealing with media. After their feat on the last episode minutes after obtaining their hero license, Bakugo and Shoto are being interviewed. However, things are not quite going too well considering Bakugo's heated answers which get completely cut off from the show when it airs. So Aizawa, seeing the need as the class is getting recognition, brings out the big guns: Midnight and Mt. Lady to teach the kids how to conduct interviews in order to sell themselves better as heroes. I am always fascinated by little details that make the world much more realistic. I also enjoyed seeing how each student of Class 1-A handled being interviewed by Mt. Lady and the advice she gave them.

Afterward, we get to see a faculty meeting in which they are all discussing how fishy the announcement they received from the commission seemed- vague as if they are hiding something. Can we also discuss how cute Aizawa looked with the Principal on his shoulders? And we get to see a snippet of Hawks back in the office where he discussed that private mission. I am assuming it has to do with why things are being kept vague? However, Hero Studies are about to resume for their Winter break and it seems Bakugo and Deku do not have a placement. Bakugo seemed a little sour when Jeanist was brought up, and we see a flashback of Bakugo coming across a news report stating Best Jeanist has gone missing.

However, Class 1-A is feasting, ready to celebrate Christmas and Aizawa brings on a very special guest: Eri, who is very confused about holidays. The slice-of-life episodes might not be the most adventurous, but I always love seeing the students of Class 1-A socialize and enjoy themselves. Even more so now that there seems to be some foreshadowing about bad things that soon will be falling upon them. Before the episode ended, we get to see Shoto, being the sweet soft boi he is, invited Deku and Bakugo to join him on hero studies under the number one hero: Endeavor. This season of My Hero Academia seems to be about to pick up some fire. I cannot wait for the next episode.

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