2020 - AX - Anime Expo Lite Graphic-Simple

Anime Expo Lite Details: Free 2-Day Livestream Event Set for July 3-4

Giving virtual attendees an opportunity to experience all things anime from wherever they are, the event is set to feature content from industry partners such as Bushiroad, Crunchyroll, Pony Canyon, VIZ, and more; with exclusive content being revealed over the next coming weeks Here's a look at the official key art for the expo, featuring[...]

Junji Ito Talks New Uzumaki Anime | Interview

Uzumaki Anime Adapt Process Has Junji Ito Feeling Like He's "Dreaming"

In an interview with Crunchyroll recently published on YouTube, horror manga creator Junji Ito spoke about the origins of his work writing manga, the adaptation process with which his acclaimed manga Uzumaki will become an anime (to be released later this year), and some important tidbits of information surrounding the anime He even implied what may be[...]

Fruits Basket The Three Musketeers Arc 2 Hi Rez

Yen Press to Release "Fruits Basket" Spinoff Manga Digitally

The new chapter debuts simultaneously to the Japanese release of the third part on 5/4/20 for $2.99.Season 2 of the Fruits Basket anime is currently streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll with new episodes every Monday The original manga series is available in twelve deluxe volumes titled Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition published by Yen Press. As[...]

Tai joins Agumon on Digimon Adventure 2020, courtesy of Toei Animation.

Digimon Adventure 2020 Season 1 Episode 1 Tokyo: Digital Crisis Review

As fans of the franchise have known for some time now, Digimon Adventure is back but there's a slight catch. While the series may be returning, it's going the reboot route and taking us back to square one. The original digi-destined still have that feel to them just like all those years ago. This first […]

my hero academia

"My Hero Academia": Returns & Reveals Power Solid "Tweener" Ep [REVIEW]

This season, My Hero Academia has given us one quality episode after the other – and "Japanese Hero Bilboard Chart" keeps that momentum rolling along. It was interesting to see how they are finally trying to get things back around to superhero action again. This episode proved much more of a balance between slice-of-life anime […]

my hero academia

"My Hero Academia" Review: Our Heroes "Let It Flow" at School Festival

This new vibe of offering viewers more intimate, behind-the-scenes moments appears here to stay – at least for the time being – on My Hero Academia… and I am definitely good with that. This episode was well-structured on a number of fronts and brought tears to my eyes for many reasons. From beginning to end […]

"Helsing", "JoJo's" & More: 5 Anime Deserving Live-Action Treatment

Just thinking about this one I get excited.[caption id="attachment_1138890" align="alignnone" width="1600"] Netflix/Crunchyroll/Funimation/YouTube[/caption] Before the masses descend upon me with fire and pitchforks, I am aware that speaking of live-action anime is taboo (insert bloody scream from the distance) However, I do believe that they could be fun if done well and I think there are[...]

"Attack On Titan Tactics" Announces A New Holiday Event

DeNA and Crunchyroll announced a new holiday event headed to Attack On Titan Tactics, as the Fanciful Story will be kicking off next week Basically, it's a chance to see everyone dress up in holiday gear like Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlelt, and Annie Leonhart Plus a story that tries to celebrate the holidays in the[...]