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My Hero Academia Season 6 Part 1 in Crunchyroll December Blu-Ray List
Fan-favorite anime superhero series My Hero Academia Season 6 Part 1 finally arrives on Blu-ray as part of Crunchyroll's December Blu-Ray lineup Special features include Season 4 OVA: "Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training" (Parts 1 & 2), promo videos, and textless opening and ending songs The other titles arriving in December include A Couple of[...]
Crunchyroll Plans Panels, Premieres, Merch for New York Comic Con
This should be a good alternative to all the canceled Hollywood movies and TV shows due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes since the streamer always delivers at cons. "Crunchyroll @ New York Comic Con" key art Crunchyroll is bringing a top-secret My Hero Academia special screening to New York Comic Con Early previews don't stop there,[...]
My Hero Academia CCG: Jet Burn Gets A Launch Date
UVS Games announced this morning that the My Hero Academia CCG: Jet Burn card game has an official release date in 2023 The game has been teased for months, but now we know it will be released on November 17th, 2023, for hobby shops and other retail locations The set has over 150 cards with[...]
My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Movie Streams on Crunchyroll This Week
My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, the anime feature film spinoff of the popular anime series is premiering on Crunchyroll starting this Thursday, August 17th, from 5 pm PST Both the Japanese version with English subtitles and the English language dub will be available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the[...]
Crunchyroll Lists SDCC Plans: Ultimate Anime Fitness Challenge, More
Fans can also bring home Solo Leveling and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba posters alongside giveaway art cards for JUJUTSU KAISEN and My Hero Academia art cards. In homage to the classic legends and new-generation favorites of the pop culture world, Crunchyroll is presenting new exhibits and features at Comic-Con Museum.  Beginning Tuesday, July 18 at[...]
Crunchyroll News from Anime Expo 2023: New Black Butler, Trailers
It's a lot… like, a lot of announcements, a ton of previews, clothing lines with the NBA, a long list of new and continuing anime series, including a new Black Butler anime. "Black Butler" teaser art, Crunchyroll A new, never-before-seen trailer for Solo Leveling was revealed for the exciting new series from A-1 Pictures (Lycoris Recoil; Sword[...]
Funko Announces More Pops Vinyls for My Hero Academia 
My Hero Academia fans can rejoice as a new set of Pop Vinyl from Funko are on the way In this day and age, the Era of Pops is seemingly nonexistent There it's just too much on the market it is almost impossible to keep up with However, select fandoms seem to thrive, especially with[...]
Crunchyroll Celebrates Ani-May with Retail and Digital Activations
Properties celebrated through the month of May include Attack on Titan, JUJUTSU KAISEN, My Hero Academia, Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, Cowboy Bebop, and Death Note (in EMEA), among others. Cowboy Bebop Ani-May key art, Crunchyroll Ani-May partners and activations include: Hot Topic will celebrate Ani-May with special in-store retail activations, including dedicated Ani-May window takeovers across all store locations,[...]
Take a Swing with Funko’s Latest Set of My Hero Academia Pops
Funko is getting very creative this time as they have unveiled a new set of Pops from the hit anime My Hero Academia This set of Pops is based on the Hero League Baseball special that s released in 2022 and was the sixth Original Video Animations project to release The Hero League Baseball is[...]
My Hero Academia Season 6 "No Man Is an Island" Team Work Plus Ultra!
This week the sixth season of Crunchyroll's My Hero Academia has come to an end with "No Man Is an Island," after what must be its best season up to date Class 1A has fought against and for Deku, and now that they are reunited, they will ensure he is rested, clean, fed, and able[...]
My Hero Academia Confirmed To Be Continued on Season 7
Following a fantastic season, My Hero Academia has announced after the sixth season finale that the story will be continued in season seven It was a phenomenal story this past season with a strong arc, writing, and a very hopeful finale to boot with The announcement came along with art and a teaser trailer, doing[...]
My Hero Academia’s All Might is a Symbol of Peace with First 4 Figures
The Symbol of Peace has returned as First 4 Figures debuts their latest statue from the world of My Hero Academia All Might stands 15" tall and showcases Japans Number 1 hero in his signature Victory Pose First 4 Figures beautifully captures this hero right after his victory of deadly and exhausting All for One[...]
My Hero Academia Season 6 Ep. 24 The Ones Who Support Pro-Heroes
On this week's episode of Crunchyroll's My Hero Academia, "A Young Woman's Declaration," Class 1A continues to fight to get their friend back to provide support and rest It has been an arduous fight for Deku, and his loved ones are worried about the current state he finds himself in: not only physically exhausted from[...]
My Hero Academia Season 6 "Deku vs. Class A" The Friends Deku Needs
This week's episode of Crunchyroll's My Hero Academia, "Deku vs Class A," was a fantastic spotlight on Deku and how he has touched the lives of those around him Yet again, another episode joins my best-of list for the anime It was so perfectly adapted from the source material while keeping loyal to it It[...]
My Hero Academia Season 6 "Friend" The Mental Toll of Becoming a Hero
This week's episode of Crunchyroll's My Hero Academia, "Friend," must be one of the best episodes of the show in its totality so far Not only does Deku's badass exponentially grows with each tear of his raggedy costume, but we start getting deeper into the heroes' fragile mental state It is a perspective the show[...]
My Hero Academia Season 6 "The Lovely Lady Nagant" New Power Unlocked
This week on Crunchyroll's My Hero Academia, "The Lovely Lady Nagant," Deku shows he is capable of saving not just innocent bystanders but villains from themselves Once again, the boy has shown he is can achieve so much more than anyone expect Not only does he raise the bars, but he also unlocks a new[...]
My Hero Academia Season 6 Ep. 20 "Hired Gun" Welcoming Lady Nagant
The latest episode of Crunchyroll's My Hero Academia, "Hired Gun," was another show of Deku's growth as a pro hero We have always known he is a good boi through and through, but it has been great seeing him become a mini-All Might right in front of our eyes And even better seeing All Might[...]
My Hero Academia Hawks Joins Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Line 
My Hero Academia's latest season has been an absolute blast, with some impressive fights and characters One of the those heroes that really stands out is the No.2 Pro Hero Hawks He has gone undercover to find out the villains plans, and with his intel, he has even the heroes an edge, hopefully My Hero[...]
My Hero Academia Season 6 Ep. 19 "Full Power!!" New Badass Deku
The last episode aired of Crunchyroll's My Hero Academia, "Full Power!!" shows a new side to Deku, who now has grown into a young promising hero Seeing this episode made me feel much like All Might, very proud for our Midoriya boi It was a heartfelt episode that definitely turned on the waterworks It also[...]
My Hero Academia No. 5 Pro Hero Mirko Arrives at Kotobukiya 
The Hero Billboard Chat JP rankings are here, with a new Top 10 Pro Heroes joining the ranks of My Hero Academia This ranking is based on the last season of the hit anime series, and among those listings, Mirko has made that list Ranking at No.5, Mirko has held her own in the newest[...]
My Hero Academia Himiko Toga Returns to Good Smile Company 
My Hero Academia is doing some incredible stuff with these past couple of episodes of the hit anime series The power of All for One has returned, and with All Might out of the picture, who has the power to stop him? Not only that, but Tomura Shigaraki and his band of supervillains are ready[...]
my hero academia
The latest episode of Crunchyroll's My Hero Academia, "The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire," was an intense and triggering episode that gives us insight into the abuse the Todoroki kids were subjected to It definitely puts Endeavor into perspective and how we might feel about him Has he done enough to atone for[...]
My Hero Academia Shota Aizawa Comes to Kotobukiya with New Statue
Significant changes are coming to the hit anime series My Hero Academia after the latest arc has unfolded Tomura Shigaraki has unleaded some devastating power onto the hero community, changing the world as we knew it One of which was Shota Aizawa, aka Eraserhead, who has the ability to deactivate anyone's quirk by just looking[...]
My Hero Academia Season 6 Ep. 16 "The Hellish Todoroki Family, Part 2"
This week's episode of Crunchyroll's My Hero Academia, "The Hellish Todoroki Family, Part 2," has delivered a continuation to the broken Todoroki family, a possibility for atonement and hope We also get a very detailed background of one of our favorite heroes, Hawks While society falls into shambles, we get a snippet of the troubles[...]
My Hero Academia Season 6 Ep. 15 "Tartarus" Life About to Be Chaos
This week's episode of Crunchyroll's My Hero Academia, "Tartarus," was yet another intense episode, fitting for the season thus far While animation seemed a little clumsy at times, it did not take much away from the generally somber tone and definitely did not distract from the storylines at hand or short-changed them It has been[...]
My Hero Academia Season 6 Ep 14 "Hellish Hell" The War and Aftermath
Cour two of Crunchyroll's My Hero Academia premiered this past weekend with "Hellish Hell." While it was a recap and not filled with destruction and action, it was a very emotionally intense episode that depicts the utter chaos that has fallen following the ambush at the Jaku General Hospital and the Gunga Mountain Villa While[...]
My Hero Academia Season 6 Ep. 13 "Final Performance" First Battle Draw
The first cour of Crunchyroll's My Hero Academia Season 6 has reached its ending with "Final Performance." Even though the battle has ended, the real war has just begun Things escalated way more than originally intended, and both parties lost many invaluable members Hope runs thin, but we are about to see who remains standing[...]
My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki 1/4 Scale Statue Debuts from FREEing
Shoto Todoroki is still a fan-favorite character from the hit anime and manga series My Hero Academia He has definitely grown since the series first started and has now made it all the way to the Top 3 in Class 1-A A new season of My Hero Academia is underway, and it seems like it[...]
Himiko Toga Gets a My Hero Academia Reissue Statue from Kotobukiya
The League of Villains is a fascinating part of the hit anime series My Hero Academia It was amazing to see a whole story arc dedicated to just the villains, and Tomura Shigaraki found his place in this world The squad is a tight-knit group, and they are always fun to see when on the[...]
My Hero Academia Dabi Brings Some Heat to Kotobukiya ArtFX J Line
Coming to fans right out of the hit anime series My Hero Academia is a brand new ArtFX J statue Standing roughly 11" tall, Dabi is faithfully recreated from the anime packed with detail and color Dabi will be accompanied by the rereleases of other iconic League of Villains members with Himiko Toga and Tomura[...]