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Good Smile Reveals My Hero Academia Dabi Pop Up Parade Statue
Coming out of the hit anime series, My Hero Academia, Dabi has arrived to set fire to your impressive anime collection This villain is loaded with detail capturing his sinister look straight from the animated television show Good Smile Company has sculpted this My Hero Academia character with a nice dynamic pose showing off his[...]
My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission: Funimation Releases Clips
My Hero Academia, arguably the most popular superhero manga and anime series in the world, is getting a live concert this Friday at Anime NYC Funimation, the market leader in bringing anime to the forefront of audiences worldwide, is orchestrating a celebratory event of plus ultra proportions when the music of composer Yuki Hayashi comes[...]
My Hero Academia Tomura Shigaraki Join Good Smile’s Pop Up Parade
The last season of My Hero Academia showcased the rise of the League of Villains to new heights The final arc of the last season, titled My Villain Academia, gave us a deeper insight into the past of Tomura Shigaraki With his past colliding with his future, he has pushed past his previous powers and[...]
My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission: Funimation Releases Clips
My Hero Academia is arguably the best superhero series right now, a successful and popular manga and now one of the most popular anime series in the world It's a Japanese take on American superhero stories. "My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission" key art, Funimation Set in a world where nearly everyone has superpowers, and one kid[...]
Dune: Zendaya Will Be The Focal Point in Part 2 Plus 14 New HQ Images
Watch for Soho to find an audience when it hits digital services. Finishing in fourth behind Dune for the weekend was My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission with $6.4 million, beating both the big openers and continuing the successful run of anime films at the US box office. Here is the top five at the Weekend Box[...]
Jasco Plans Huge My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game Release
Jasco Games, the publisher of Funimation's toy and hobby games, released the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game on October 15th, 2021 Based on the popular anime, this new release is making major waves The marketing team behind this release is also intent on making this product a hit, noting in their correspondence with Bleeding Cool[...]
My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki Receives New ARTFX J Kotobukiya Statue
While fans are waiting for the upcoming My Hero Academia film and sixth season, collectibles are still hot on the market The newest collectible comes to us from Kotobukiya with another one of their incredible ArtFX J statues This time Shoto Todoroki is back and is bringing his stunning ice and flame powers to life[...]
Good Smile Company Debuts Two 1/4th Scale My Hero Academia Statues
The hit anime My Hero Academia might have ended their 5th Season, but there is still a new movie on the way with Season 6 in the works Plus, there are plenty of incredible collectibles to fill you Plus Ultra fix, including two brand new 1/4th scale Izuki Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo statues Standing roughly[...]
My Hero Academia
Tickets are finally on sale (or getting ready to depending on where you live) for the highly anticipated movie, My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission, which is set to hit theaters this October This is the third film set in the universe, following My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018) and My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising[...]
My Hero Academia Himiko Toga Wants Blood with Good Smile
This time we are back and ready to go Plus Ultra as they have revealed yet another collectible from the hit anime series, My Hero Academia Coming out of the League of Villains, Himiko Toga is ready to create a little chaos with her new Pop Up Parade statue Standing roughly 7" tall, this statue[...]
My Hero Academia
This season of My Hero Academia ended up with a BANG! with this week's episode, "The High, Deep Blue Sky" After a slow, but steady buildup filled with a deep foreboding feeling, the season ended giving us a clear perspective of where things stand and how bad they are about to get The Meta Liberation[...]
My Hero Academia
This week's episode of My Hero Academia, "Tomura Shigaraki: Origin", gave us the second part of Tomura Shigaraki's story– what happened after All For One found Tenko Shimura wandering The fight with the Metal Liberation Army is soon ending it seems and Gigantomachia has arrived on the battlefield… Right on time to see, or rather[...]
My Hero Academia
This week's episode of My Hero Academia, "Tenko Shimura: Origin" finally shows us the sad and triggering past of Shigaraki While I am not always keen on getting to know the villain's side, I do find them interesting and always appreciate what made them take that specific path- essentially, what was the catalyst Well, turns[...]
Put on A Smile As Funko Reveals New My Hero Academia Pops
My Hero Academia is still putting out some incredible episodes for this new season of the popular anime series Funko is continuing to capture fan-favorite and popular characters in the show by turning them into Pop Vinyls A huge wave of new Pops has been revealed, with many highlights on characters from the fourth season[...]
My Hero Academia
This week's episode of My Hero Academia, "Sad Man's Parade", showed us Twice's journey to overcoming his trauma The episode picks up where last week's left off: The League of Villains being warmly welcomed by the Meta Liberation Army Just by numbers, the Liberation Army surpasses the League by thousands and they are supposed to[...]