NXT 7/29/20 Part 2 – Keith Lee Calls Out Karrion Kross

The four-hour marathon of Wednesday Night wrestling is nearly over. Just one more hour of NXT to go before we can finally get some sleep!

The official logo for NXT.
The official logo for NXT.

NXT 7/29/2020 Part 2

Keith Lee comes to the ring to talk some trash to Karrion Kross for beating up Dominic Daijakovic last week. Lee points out that Kross is dumb for making "tick-tock" sounds when he uses an hourglass, not a clock. Kross has got Lee's attention. He's done lots of extra bullshit, but that bullshit means nothing if he can't face Lee face to face. Lee calls Kross out.

Cameron Grimes comes out instead. Grimes says he's the one Lee should be talking about. Grimes is mad Lee gave away the North American Championship before he could take them both from Lee. Grimes says he's gonna take the NXT Championship. Lee ignores him, and Grimes pesters him. Kee grabs Grimes and tosses him in the ring by his neck. Lee is in the process of whooping Cameron Grimes's ass when the lights go down, and Scarlett comes to the top of the ramp. Grimes jumps on Lee while he's distracted, but Lee powerbombs him.

Karrion Kross appears on the NXTtron. He rubs it in that Lee stood by last week while Kross beat up his friend. Kross lets Lee chose the easy way, giving him a shot at the NXT Championship, or the hard way, in which everyone will suffer. Tick Tock. Lee tells Kross to pick the time and place, and he will whoop that ass. NXT goes to commercials.

NXT Tag Team Champions Imperium comes to the ring. It looks like they're facing Ever-Rise.

Imperium vs. Ever-Rise – Squash Match

It's a squash. Imperium wins.

Winners: Imperium

Imperium start cutting a promo, but Undisputed Era come out and kick their ass. Adam Cole says Undisputed Era runs NXT. They leave. Then Tom Phillips gives us a video package about Bronson Reed. NXT goes to commercials.

Finn Balor warms up backstage while Dexter Lumis watches him creepily. Via skype, William Regal tells Keith Lee and Karrion Kross that he won't be bullied into making championship matches. Championship matches must be earned.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs. Jake Atlas

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott comes to the ring, followed by Jake Atlas. Atlas, in a video, says he's getting back into the swing of things after being medically cleared. Does that mean he had the COVID? You just can't tell in WWE anymore. These guys feel each other out with a bunch of dodges and reversals built around Atlas's gymnastics skills and Swerve's dancing skills. Then the match gets going; Atlas hits a bunch of kicks on Swerve. Swerve gets one kick, but a good one, on Atlas. NXT goes to commercials.

Atlas is in control when NXT comes back. He hits a springboard blockbuster and gets a two-count. Swerve whips Atlas into the ropes and follows with an elbow. He gets a very brief comeback, but Atlas regains control. Now swerve gets a real comeback and attacks Atlas's neck. They do a bunch of flippy s**t that ends with both men up on the second ropes in the corner. Atlas does a sort of modified Olympic Slam off the ropes, but Swerve kicks out. Swerve kicks Atlas in the face near the ropes and has him hanging by his feet to the outside. Swerve dropkicks him in the head. He sends Atlas back in and hits the JML Driver to get the pinfall.

Winner: Isaiah Swerve Scott

Damian Priest talks to McKenzie Mitchell about his triple threat to qualify for the NA Championship. He's facing Oney Lorcan and Ridge Holland. Priest says it's not going to be an upset and he's going to win. NXT goes to commercials.

We learn that Rhea Ripley will face Dakota Kai to determine the number one contender for Io Shirai's NXT Women's Championship, and Imperium will defend their NXT Tag Team Championships against Undisputed Era, next week. Dexter Lumis comes to the ring. Then Timothy Thatcher. Then Finn Balor.

Dexter Lumis vs. Timothy Thatcher vs. Finn Balor – NXT North American Championship Qualifier

It's Balor's abs vs. Thatcher's grappling vs. Lumis's creepiness. Balor and Thatcher go at it to start while Lumis just watches. Lumis joins in and knocks both men out of the ring. He does a flip over the top rope. Balor and Thatcher get out of the way, but Lumis lands on his feet. Back in the ring, Lumis takes on both Balor and Lumis and still comes out on top. After Lumis tosses Thatcher outside, Balor starts getting some offense. Then Balor gets tossed, and Thatcher goes to work on Lumis. Lumis takes out Thatcher only to get kicked in the head by Balor. Balor goes to the top, and Thatcher knocks him down. NXT goes to commercials.

After the break, Thatcher and Balor go at it in the ring alone with Thatcher in control. Lumis is outside selling an ankle injury. Thatcher stretches Balor.  Every time Lumis tries to get back in the ring, Thatcher knocks him back down. Balor makes a comeback, which Thatcher thwarts, but Lumis finally has time to get back in the ring. He hits a bulldog on Thatcher. Balor hits a Pele kick on Lumis. All three men struggle to their feet. Balor hits slingblades on Thatcher and Lumis. He wants to finish Lumis, but Thatcher pulls him down from outside and smashes his nuts into the ring post.

Thatcher stretches Balor on the apron. Lumis slides out and uppercuts Thatcher. He takes him back in the ring and hits a spinebuster. Lumis goes for Silence, but Thatcher elbows out. Balor tries to get back in, but Thatcher dragon screws him out of the ring. Lumis gets Silence on Thatcher, but Balor hits Coup de Grace on Lumis to break it up. Thatcher breaks up Balor's pin on Lumis and puts Balor in an ankle lock. Thatcher locks it in on the ground. Lumis puts Thatcher in Silence. Balor escapes, but Thatcher passes out. Lumis wins.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

So for the second week in a row, an underdog wins the qualifying match. NXT is really putting over this tournament, having up-and-coming guys win big matches before going on to the ladder match at Takeover. My guess is Priest wins next week. It was a pretty engaging show tonight as NXT gets closer to Takeover XXX, and NXT continues to focus on new stars.

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