NXT Takeover 31 Results – KUSIDA vs. Velveteen Dream

NXT Takeover 31 has already given us our first glimpse at the new NXT set, which features a really cool look with chain link fence covered plexiglass surrounding the ring, with a real-life crowd on the floor and a virtual crowd on the walls. We also got a very good opener between Johnny Gargano and Damian Priest. Now we see a video package for KUSHIDA vs. Velveteen Dream.

Welcome to Bleeding Cool's live results and analysis for NXT Takeover 31, emanating from WWE's Capitol Wrestling Center at the newly revamped WWE Performance Center. You can scroll down to the bottom for links to our coverage of the other articles tonight.

KUSHIDA faces Velveteen Dream in a grudge match at NXT Takeover 31
KUSHIDA faces Velveteen Dream in a grudge match at NXT Takeover 31

Velveteen Dream makes his way to the ring first, with Triple H following behind him off-camera, making sure no one in the crowd asks any impertinent questions. Dream is sporting gray hair and a pair of white jeans. KUSHIDA appears out of nowhere to assault him before the match.

NXT Takeover 31 Results Part 2 – KUSHIDA vs. Velveteen Dream

  • The story behind this match is basically that Velveteen Dream f*cked with KUSHIDA, and this unlocked a sense of aggression in him not seen yet in NXT. I'm not sure the build that went into it really justifies this being the one non-title match to make it to the NXT Takeover 31 card, but then again, everyone else might have COVID, so maybe this was the best matchup they had available.
  • The story in the match is a common one. KUSHIDA comes in hot but burns out quickly. Once Dream weathers the initial flurry of offense, he's able to take control and slow down the pace.
  • While Dream is in control most of the match, KUSHIDA gets some short comebacks, and he uses those to work on Dream's left arm with submissions and, at one point, dropkicking the steel ring stairs into it while it's hanging outside the ring next to the post.
  • Good thing too – he wins with a Hoverboard Lock, which he applies and keeps on throughout a bunch of offense from Dream.

KUSHIDA attacks Dream after the match and applies an armbar repeatedly, just for good measure. Listen, this is just my opinion and all, but until Triple H and WWE are willing to answer more questions and provide more details about the investigation they say they did into allegations against Velveteen Dream, I have a hard time appreciating his matches. As a vehicle to get KUSHIDA's new attitude over, though, it worked.

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