Only Murders In The Building S02E05: The Wonderful World Of Oliver

Hulu's Only Murders in the Building has shown how well it can examine its characters and a perfect example of that comes from season two, episode 5, "The Tell", where a particular skill of Oliver's (Martin Short) becomes a helpful tool.

Only Murders In The Building S02E05: The Wonderful World Of Oliver
Oliver (Martin Short), shown. (Photo by: Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu)

Seeing the introduction and narration from Oliver's son, Will (Ryan Broussard), brought such a unique spin to telling us more about the enigma that is Oliver. Whoever cast the younger version of Oliver did a phenomenal job because the mannerisms and cadence were spectacular and close to the way Martin himself talks in character (and in real life as well). What Oliver calls his skill, which is catching people in their lies because of the unique "tells" he possess, becomes a truly interesting and captivating way to give us more of his earlier life and connection to Teddy (Nathan Lane).

Only Murders in the Building uses the movement of the camera when telling the story of a younger Oliver explaining the rules to a game similar to Mafia, instead inserting the infamous Son of Sam in the place of the killer. The props and costume work did a lovely job of fulfilling an image of Oliver, Teddy, and 1970s New York City for these individuals.

The big question, "Wanna play Son of Sam?" is the launching point for Oliver, who becomes an important tool for interacting with the audience as we watch and draw up new suspects. From twirling your hair to comfortably eating cheese, there's something that signals Oliver that a lie or a truth will become evident very soon. Only Murders in the Building does a superb job at indicating important moments or details in this episode without throwing huge arrows in a way that could diminish the assumed intelligence of the audience.

In this season of Hulu's Only Murders in the Building, as we grow closer to learning Oliver's story, I find myself excited to see him use his skills while also realizing he could cross a line here & there. The series brings us a beloved character with all potential and present flaws, giving them further motivation to care about what may happen next for him and those close to him, like Will.

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