'Pandora': CW Casts Traffik's Priscilla Quintana, 7 More for Summer Sci-Fi Series

The CW has found their lead and cast for upcoming summer sci-fi/action series Pandora, stemming from Mark A. Altman and Steve Kriozere (Castle), Vital Signs Entertainment, and Starlings Television. With production currently underway in Bulgaria, Priscilla Quintana (Traffik) is set to lead the series and will be joined by Oliver Dench (Ride), Raechelle Bano (Home and Away), John Harlan Kim (The Librarians), Ben Radcliffe (The Evermoor Chronicles), Benita Sandhu (October), Martin Bobb-Semple (Free Rein), and Noah Huntley (The Royals, 28 Days Later).

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Set in the year 2199, Pandora introduces us to Jax (aka Pandora): a resourceful young woman who has lost everything after the death of her parents but finds a new life at Earth's Space Training Academy where she and her friends learn to defend the Galaxy from threats, both alien and human. When secrets about the nature of her own identity begin to surface, she must uncover the truth, and whether she will be humanity's savior or the instrument of its destruction.

"The biggest challenge of casting a new drama is to create an exciting, diverse family of actors, and I cannot imagine a more dynamic or talented group of actors than the cast of Pandora. I can't wait for audiences around the world to meet this incredible ensemble this summer."

– Mark A. Altman

Here's a look at the cast of the CW's Pandora:

● Quintana's Jax is super smart, naturally inquisitive, empowered, and with a quick acerbic wit. As traumatic as the death of her parents was for her, her world will be turned upside down even more when she learns her whole life is a lie.

● Dench's Xander Duvall is the brilliant, intelligent and mysterious teacher's assistant to Professor Donovan Osborn, which is actually a cover for his real role as a top operative in the Earth Confederacy Intelligence Services where his loyalties are tested between his obligation to Osborn and his love for Jax.

● Banno's Atria Nine is a bubbly, very loquacious, free spirited, sexually fluid, purple-haired young woman. She has a strange symbol tattooed on her neck denoting she is a clone who was once the property of the Adari sect. She has emancipated herself from the theocracy at great cost, both physically and emotionally. Although she comes across as amazingly upbeat, optimistic, and sweet, her cheery disposition hides a darkness in her soul… perhaps because she often wonders as a clone if she truly has one.

● Kim's Greg Li is a brilliant medical student who is smart, laconic and charming as hell. His laid back manner belies his incredible, sharp intelligence and effortless charisma. Focused on his career, he discovers a kindred spirit in Jax.

● Radcliffe's Ralen is the son of the Zatarian ambassador, a humanoid alien species and former adversary of the Earth Confederacy, who must confront prejudice and hatred at the Academy from those who still blame the Zatarians for the brutal war between Earth and Zatar that only ended a few years earlier when the two warring races signed an armistice. The first Zatarian to ever matriculate at the Academy, Ralen isn't trusted by most. Jax, however, is willing to give Ralen a chance even as the audience will question Ralen's loyalties and motives throughout the series.

Open To All | The CW

● Sandhu's Delaney Pilar is Jax's roommate: a brilliant, nannite-enhanced woman with cybernetic implants who is able to process information more quickly as she is perpetually connected to the Datastream. Because of her enhanced abilities, Pilar initially comes off as aloof and egotistical around others ("You act so superior." / "Because I am superior."). Although her implants allow her to access the Datastream and the group mind of those in the Datacore, Pilar begins to question the decision to give up her individuality to the hive mind as a young child.

● Bobb-Semple's Thomas James Ross: serious and driven, Thomas wants to be a fighter pilot until destiny takes a hand and he discovers his true abilities and values. Thomas is the son of a telepath who was genetically engineered during the war with the Zatarians, and retains some of his father's esper abilities. Thomas, however, actually wants nothing to do with his estranged father who squanders his powers on gambling and seduction.

● Huntley's Professor Donovan Osborn is a true force of nature: Jax's Uncle… and the Academy's most respected and terrifying teacher. He is arrogant and demanding, but also brilliant and incredibly intimidating. But his role as a professor is only cover for his more pressing responsibilities in the Earth Intelligence Services.

Altman and Kriozere are set to executive produce alongside Thomas P. Vitale, Radioactive Fishtank's Karine Martin and Chris Philip, Vital Signs Entertainment, and Starlings Television.

Deadline Hollywood (exclusive)

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