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Protect Yourself From the Heat with the Wallaroo Hat Company
With summer already here, that means garage sales and flea market season have arrived I personally dread the sun, and this summer seems to be a scorcher already Luckily, there are plenty of companies out there wanting to help assist us in the sun and look good while doing it My newest and most recent[...]
rick and morty
That's right, Takashi Sano (Tower of God) is back with the new short (produced by Sola Entertainment and animated by Telecom Animation Film) Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil)– following up on his previous short, Rick & Morty vs Genocider. Image: Screencap Here's a look at the newest short, with a focus on Summer and Jerry that goes[...]
GameStop Hosting A 5-Day Summer Sales Event, Starting Today
As such, GameStop's Summer Sale is running from July 5th through July 10th and will encompass even more aspects of the store than the previous sale did. The first page of sales info for GameStop's Summer Sale, to begin today, and immediately following the previous sale, which ended only yesterday. Below you will find a list of[...]
Bob's Burgers: 10 Summer-Themed Episodes To Help Avoid The Heat
Below, are ten episodes of Bob's Burgers that center around a summer theme or similar, that make the season a whole lot more fun. Source: FOX "Bob Fires The Kids" Season 3 Episode 3: Bob becomes afraid of following in his father's stern footsteps and he decides to "fire the kids" in an attempt to get them outdoors and[...]
rick and morty
But since there's still some time to kill, the fine folks at Adult Swim are offering a video in honor of Spencer Grammer's Summer and all the moments from the past season when she shined See what we did there? Hey, we didn't want to just copy their "because it's summer" joke. Rick and Morty (Image:[...]
In order to show off the upcoming catalog, Funimation will be hosting a Summer 2021 Season Preview fan event on June 18th The event will take place over at Funimation's YouTube channel and will offer fans an opportunity to get a sneak peek at new series and movies coming to the streaming service as well[...]
rick and morty
Kay Magdalena Nissen explained, "We acknowledge that the call sign is not in accordance with our operational guidance and we've provided that feedback to the airmen involved." Image: Adult Swim   Here's a look at Roiland's post, where he not only offers the folks involved a shoutout but also offers some advice for any "close encounters' waiting out[...]
We Are Not Them | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim
Of course, with this being a "Rick plan" there had to be some unintended consequences- like Snuffles learning how to amp up the helmet's capabilities so he can continue to learn. Before we know it, Jerry, Beth, and Summer are chained up in the backyard, and "Snowball" (because he's so done with "Snuffles") and his legion[...]
rick and morty
In the main storyline, Rick goes to war with the Devil after he opens up a cursed items shop and hires Summer as his employee After Rick drives him out of business by de-cursing the items, the Devil starts dot-com, which is a huge success But with the Devil being the Devil, he screws[...]