The Royals

Helstrom: Hulu Series Preview Images Give Us Sweet 70s Horror Vibe

Helstrom: Hulu Series Preview Images Give Us Sweet '70s Horror Vibe

Focusing on their complicated dynamic, the brother/sister pair track down the worst of humanity, each with their own attitude and skills.Now, fans are getting an early look at the series courtesy of the following official images, released by Hulu and first revealed by IGN exclusively, that do a fine job of setting the series' almost[...]

Marvels Helstrom: The Royals Tom Austen FTWD Sydney Lemon 5 More Join Hulu Series

"Marvel's Helstrom": "The Royals" Tom Austen, "FTWD" Sydney Lemon, 5 More Join Hulu Series

How? How about by announcing a killer line-up of names with some serious "geek cred"?[caption id="attachment_1099888" align="alignnone" width="1300"] Marvel[/caption]Executive produced by series showrunner Paul Zbyszewski and Marvel Studios mastermind Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s Helstrom  stars Tom Austen (Grantchester, The Royals) as Daimon Helstrom, Sydney Lemmon (Fear of The Walking Dead) as Ana Helstrom, Elizabeth Marvel (Homeland,[...]

Pandora: CW Casts Traffiks Priscilla Quintana 7 More for Summer Sci-Fi Series

'Pandora': CW Casts Traffik's Priscilla Quintana, 7 More for Summer Sci-Fi Series

With production currently underway in Bulgaria, Priscilla Quintana (Traffik) is set to lead the series and will be joined by Oliver Dench (Ride), Raechelle Bano (Home and Away), John Harlan Kim (The Librarians), Ben Radcliffe (The Evermoor Chronicles), Benita Sandhu (October), Martin Bobb-Semple (Free Rein), and Noah Huntley (The Royals, 28 Days Later).[caption id="attachment_1028674" align="alignnone"[...]

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A Comic Show &#8211 Batman Eternal=Spoiler

A Comic Show – Batman Eternal=Spoiler!

Rick Remender's 60's soldier spy was great for old or new fans.I talked about a few books other than the big two, but honestly the one I liked the best was a Vertigo book, The Royals is a truly unique on something we've already kinda saw with Avatar's Uber Trust me that this is different[...]