Paul Wight: AEW to Sign Hall of Fame Worthy Wrestler at "Evolution"

Paul Wight made his first appearance on AEW Dynamite this week, and he came… well, mostly prepared. Though Wight did flub the name of AEW's upcoming PPV, he mostly delivered in a segment where he bolstered his cred as a journalist by revealing a massive scoop: AEW is signing a new wrestler who will debut at Revolution. Wight called the wrestler a hall of fame worthy talent but said it is not "who we expect" (so not CM Punk).

Paul Wight appears on AEW Dynamite and drops a major scoop.
Paul Wight appears on AEW Dynamite and drops a major scoop.

From our AEW Dynamite report (look for it later), here's how it went down:

Tony Schiavone heads to the top of the stage with a mic. He talks about his new show, AEW Dark Elevation, and calls out Paul Wight. Wight has a new t-shirt: "No More BS." Get it? B-S? It's a double entendre. Schiavone welcomes Wight to AEW. Wight says he's happy to be in AEW. He talks about how it's a homecoming on TNT, since he started there in WCW. He also says he has a huge scoop. This Sunday at "Evolution" (oof… well, it could happen to anyone), AEW is going to hire a Hall of Fame worthy talent. But it's not who we think. Okay…

So who is AEW bringing in? That's a pretty major promise and I think AEW has learned that they have to deliver on those. They have to over-deliver, really, because fans will get hyped for the best possible option and it can be easy to disappoint in that situation. So if they say it's a Hall of Fame worthy talent, then it will be a Hall of Fame worthy talent. And since he said "worthy," that means it's likely not someone in the twilight of their career, as then they would be in the Hall of Fame already. So start speculating: who will it be?

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