Power Rangers: Johnson, Yost & Narvy Pay Tribute to Jason David Frank

As the Power Rangers universe is still reeling from star Jason David Frank's passing on November 19th at the age of 49, a couple of his co-stars, Amy Jo Johnson and David Yost from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast posted their tributes to the actor, who had stints as the green, white, and red ranger throughout the franchise run and his alter ego, Tommy Oliver. Johnson, who played Kimberly Hart, aka Pink Ranger, posted her initial thoughts on Frank's passing along with other original rangers Austin St. John (Jason Lee Scott, aka Red Ranger), Walter Emanuel Jones (Zack Taylor, aka Black Ranger), and Paul Schrier (Bulk).

jason david frank Power Rangers
Image: Nickelodeon/Saban/Power Rangers Productions, Ltd.

On an Instagram Live post, Johnson performed a few songs in tribute to her former castmate and friend while allowing fans to mourn with her, writing, "Just a little moment to spend with you all, thinking about our buddy. JDF…" During the video, she also shared, "I just came on here because I was feeling really sad, and it's really hitting home today what has happened and that he's gone. He was such a force and such a bright, bright, crazy, wild, funny light. And I just can't even believe it."

Yost played Billy Cranston, aka Blue Ranger, in MMPR shared some personal and behind-the-scenes photos with Frank, writing, "Like so many of us, I'm still struggling with it all. From the day we met, we became instant bffs. We had our ups & downs, as friends do. He's always had my heart & my support. Love you buddy! ♥️♥️♥️" Narvy, who played Skull serving as series comic relief with Schrier's Bulk, also posted his tribute on Instagram.

"I haven't known where to begin to celebrate or mourn my friend," Jason Narvy ( Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch) wrote. "And like most things of importance, we tend to look too far into the horizon to see what was plainly before our eyes. There's a quote I had posted on my office desk for the longest time, sitting opposite this photo: "My holiday table abounds with the laughter of those who are no longer here. Therefore I am grateful for every new visitor I receive." This year, I find Frank on both sides of that quote. More than anyone I know, he collected visitors around the table and made them feel like the entire feast was just for them. And he reveled in both creating and watching others partake of the feast. You laugh with him, or at him, or because of him–as long as you partook of the feast, he was grateful. For him, however, the table never felt full enough. And now his silence is deafening."

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