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Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Reveals Season 4 Content
The crew at nWay made a big reveal this morning as they showed off what's coming to Season 4 of Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Several new additions will be coming throughout the season, including the long-requested addition of Rita Repulsa, who we're shocked wasn't a full-on character when this game launched The first[...]
Renegade Game Studios Announces Power Rangers Roleplaying Game
Renegade Game Studios is morphin' into action as they will be releasing the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game later this year The game will take place during the classic era of MMPR when Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd were causing trouble for the rangers Right now they are putting everything you need to play the game[...]
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Finster Coming from Hasbro
Hasbro returns to the Morphin' Grid once again as they revealed their newest addition to their popular Power Rangers Lightning Collection line It is time for the heroes to move over as more villains arise, including the monsters sculpted, Finster This character never directly takes on the Power Rangers, but he sure does get his[...]
Power Rangers In Space Ecliptor and Astronema Coming From Hasbro
One of my favorite Power Rangers series outside of Mighty Morphin' is Power Rangers In Space Hasbro has been slowly building the Ranger Grid with their incredible Lightning Collection figure line Their newest In Space figure set includes a brand-new Amazon Exclusive 2-Pack featuring villains Ecliptor and Astronema In the series, Ecliptor adopted Astronema, and[...]
Hasbro Reveals Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Ninjetti Figures
Hasbro continues to expand their Power Rangers Lightning Collection as they reveal two new figures on the way Originally seen in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, the Rangers are wielding the power of the Ninja once again The Ninjetti power was later incorporated into the third season of the Power Ranger TV Series[...]
Auto Draft
Who is the writer of Power Rangers Universe #1 scheduled for December? They were listed as TBA on the solicitation, which was rather curious, especially as Boom Studios seem to know an awful lot about the series And in the press releases, just released the identity of the book's writer is still unknown Just that[...]
Power Rangers Universe #1 launches in November from Boom Studios, drawn by Simone Ragazzoni but seemingly without a writer Could this originally have been Frank Gogol? And followed in Boom Studios November 2021 solicitations with launches for Shea Fontana and Celia Moscote's Getting Dizzy, Christopher Cantwell and Luca Casalanguida's Regarding The Matter Of Oswald's Body,[...]
Power Rangers Red Ranger Receives 1,000 Piece Diamond Select Statue
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have been still in the spotlight lately as the Shattered Grid, and the arrival of Lord Drakkon shook things up It looks like Diamond Select Toys is slowly revealing their New York Comic Con 2021, including a special Red Ranger bust Standing 10" tall, this 1/2 scale statue features the[...]
Hasbro Re-Releasing Popular Power Rangers Lighting Collection Figures
Power Rangers have been gaining some extreme popularity lately, mainly due to their impressive comic book series from Boom! Studios The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers have easily been the highlight of Hasbro's mighty 6" Lighting Collection as well The original line-up of figures has been quite popular and is hard to find with plenty of[...]
Mighty Morphin #10 Spoiler Cover Revealed (Spoilers)
When he's not drawing Once & Future, he's drawing Power Rangers comic, also at Boom He is a bit busy, that Dan Mora And this week sees Boom Studios publish Mighty Morphin #10, with a bunch of variant covers that have been seen like his own 1:50 variant cover. Mighty Morphin #10 – not a spoiler[...]
TMNT Shredder Becomes the Green Ranger With New Hasbro Figure
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers are about to have their hands full with Hasbro's latest release The infamous Shredder has acquired the Dragon Power Coin giving this TMNT villain the Green Ranger's power This crossover figure is nothing new as BOOM! Studios created a comic book of the story back in 2017,[...]
Red Ranger Raphael Arrives With Hasbro’s Newest TMNT Figure Set
Hasbro continues to bring the Boom! Studios Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover comic to life We have already seen two figure packs arrive, starting with Leonardo as the Blue Ranger and Donatello as the Black Ranger We then got to see Mikey don his Yellow Ranger suit with April O'Neil as the[...]
More TMNT x Power Rangers Crossover Figures Arrive From Hasbro
Hasbro continues to reveal their new Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crossover 2-Pack figure sets This time Michelangelo and April O'Neil are suiting up as the Mighty Morphin' Yellow and Pink Rangers Both figures will come with special Ranger weapons that combine the Legacy of the Morphers while staying true to the TMNT[...]
Hasbro Reveals First TMNT x Power Rangers Crossover Figures
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Power Rangers are crossing over once again as Hasbro reveals their new collaboration figures TMNT and the Rangers have crossover before in live action in 1998 with Power Rangers in Space However, the Boom! Studios comic took changed it all up as the turtle teamed up with everyone's[...]
Massive MM Power Rangers Diorama Statue Series Hits Iron Studios
Iron Studios is stepping up their 1/10 statue series with their newest release featuring the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers That's right; we return back to 1993 once again as the company reveals their new statues featuring the original line-up of Rangers Seven Rangers are returning for the wave with Tommy, Kimberly, Zack, Trini, Billy, and[...]