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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates Wave 2 Revealed By Super7
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates wave 2 has been revealed by Super7, and it is one of the strongest waves in any Ultimates line My goodness, every figure is a heavy-hitter, including this waves Zord The five figures making up wave two include the MMPR Red Ranger, MMPR Pink Ranger, Rita Repulsa, Sphinx, and the[...]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates Wave 1 Unveiled By Super7
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers collectors finally have a full look at the new Super7 line of Ultimates figures These will be a different scale than the Lightning Collection from Hasbro, and in trademark Super7 fashion, will come loaded to the gills with cool and unexpected accessories The first wave will consist of Goldar, the Green[...]
TOLDJA: Power Rangers Unlimited: Heir to Darkness Sells Out
McKinney, who in addition to co-founding of the Juneteenth Book Fest and originating the #PublishingPaidMe and #WhatWOCWritersHear hashtags on Twitter, also happens to be the first Black woman to write a Power Rangers comic? Or is it because the issue tells the true origin of one of the most popular Power Ranger villains, Astronema, whom[...]
Is The Rarest Green Ranger Cover Ever On Mighty Morphin #3?
But Mighty Morphin #3 includes a shocking betrayal within the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team… and it ties directly into the new Green Ranger's origin. This revelation, coupled with Mighty Morphin #3's rarity when compared to other issues in the series, may make it a perfect candidate for speculators and collectors For those on the[...]
First Appearance of New Green Ranger in Power Rangers to FOC Today
Almost five years after launching bigger than every Marvel release in March 2016, Boom Studios' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is coming to an end with issue #55 We've well covered the big moments in the series including the introduction of new characters like Lord Drakkon, Ranger Slayer, and others, alongside big events like Shattered Grid,[...]
BOOM! Studios Relaunch Power Rangers With Ryan Parrot and Marco Renn a
Credit: BOOM! Studios. In this breaking announcement, BOOM! Studios writes of the new series, which will follow the conclusion of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #155: The new Mighty Morphin team is on a collision course with an even deadlier Lord Zedd, who has a new mission and a new motivation – one that will change everything you[...]
What’s The Big Secret in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50?
Boom Studios is celebrating a major milestone on June 24 with the 50th issue of their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series – and they've been promising it will be big, at least based on their solicitations: The MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS & the OMEGA RANGERS – along with surprise new allies – versus The Anointed in[...]
Power Rangers Fandom is in Full Force Thanks to Hasbro
Lost Galaxy Magna Defender will also be in the wave, but the loudest cheers were for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink Ranger Kimberly figure She will have new butterfly joints in her shoulders for great poseability with her bow, and looks fantastic Also shown was a new Fighting Spirit Green Ranger and Putty two[...]