WWE's Renee Young Responds to Dean Ambrose's Claims of Raw Sexual Magnetism

Last week, it was reported and WWE confirmed that former champion and main event star Dean Ambrose will leave the company after his contract expires in April. Is it a work? Is it a shoot? Are we working ourselves into a shoot, brother? That remains to be seen, but one person who is certainly working herself into something is Ambrose's wife, WWE commentator Renee Young, who responded to her husband's behavior on last night's episode of Monday Night Raw with a tweet Tuesday.

It was during a Moment of Bliss segment featuring Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka, and EC3 when Ambrose surprisingly entered the arena and began berating Jax, who had punched him out of the ring the week prior.

Ambrose told Jax that she wasn't the first woman to "have a problem figuring out how to deal with my raw sexual magnetism" and warned her to keep away from him in the future. It was an awkward moment, with Young sitting just a few feet away at the commentary table.

A credit to her professionalism, however, Young was able to keep from bursting into laughter, instead waiting until the next morning to post her response:

In Monday's segment, Ambrose went on to berate EC3, calling him a "mute Chippendale dancer" and goading him into a match, in which Ambrose was soundly defeated by the new star.

Can we expect Ambrose to continue putting over everyone in the next few months before his contract expires? And does that make it more likely his leaving is a shoot, or is it just WWE putting more effort into making the work believable?

That will remain to be seen.

WWE's Renee Young Responds to Dean Ambrose's Claims of Raw Sexual Magnetism

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