Retribution Shocker: Mace and T-Bar Unmasked on WWE Raw

The wrestling world was shocked Monday when former Retribution members Mace and T-Bar were both unmasked on WWE Raw during a tag team match against Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman. Though Mace and T-Bar scored a victory by disqualification in the match, it felt like the final nail in the coffin of the retribution gimmick. Or, it would have if WWE had acknowledged Mace and T-Bar were Dio Madden and Dominik Dijakovic, but instead Corey Graves claimed to have never seen the faces of either man before, so who knows where WWE is going with this.

Raw began with Drew McIntyre calling out MVP to join him in an overly long promo during which MVP denied colluding with the former members of WWE's non-political Antifa-inspired pseudo-anarchist stable to attack McIntyre last week. But when McIntyre tried to get his hands on MVP, Mace and T-Bar jumped McIntyre again. That caused McIntyre to go full Karen and complain to management, demanding Adam Pearce grant him a match with Mace and T-Bar on Raw.

The match didn't go McIntyre's way at first, but Braun Strowman decided to join him, evening the odds. In the ensuing melee, McIntyre ripped the mask off Mace. "I did you a favor," he told him. Braun Strowman then ripped the mask off T-Bar. The match ended in disqualification and Mace and T-Bar were left totally exposed to the world. It seems unlikely that they'll be back in their masks next week, though if they are, it will be interesting to learn the explanation. Did McIntyre and Strowman give them back? Or do they have backup masks?

Former Retribution members T-Bar and Mace were unmasked on WWE Raw
Former Retribution members T-Bar and Mace were unmasked on WWE Raw

What could be more likely, however, is Mace and T-Bar donning suits and joining Hurt Business. With that intrigue in mind, MVP will be a guest on Raw Talk tonight, which airs after Raw goes off the air on Peacock in the United States and the WWE Network elsewhere.

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