Retribution's T-Bar Trashes AEW's Chris Jericho on Twitter

The Antifa-inspired anarchist stable known as Retribution continues to run roughshod over the pro wrestling social media landscape. The latest verbal assault from the group sees leader T-Bar taking on former AEW Champion Chris Jericho. When Jericho mocked the Retribution angle as nonsensical, T-Bar fired back by mocking Jericho's recent lack of coronavirus concerns as nonsensical, which is a very fair point.

The Antifa-inspired anarchist stable known as Retribution have invaded WWE. While the names of the women have not been revealed, the men are, from left to right, Slapjack, T-Bar, and Mace.
The Antifa-inspired anarchist stable known as Retribution have invaded WWE. From left to right, we have Retaliation, Reckoning,  Slapjack, T-Bar, and Mace.

It started when T-Bar took to Twitter to explain the kayfabe logic behind Retribution's existence in WWE. "WWE offered us contracts because it was financially cheaper than all of the security guards we kept injuring," T-Bar tweeted. "We signed the contracts to pay for our hired guns to do our dirty work. Our goal is still to destroy our current employer, WWE. #RETRIBUTION"

Or, as fellow Retribution member Mace explained it, "Fo͜R ̷C͡A̛VeMAN̶: SE͏CURI͏TY COsT͟ TOO M҉A̸ǸY̶ ́SH́INY ROCK͢ Re̛TRI̵BU͏TION ͟PA͠y̧ ͘L͡ITTL̷E RE͠TRI̶BUTIÒN ͝WITH WẀE ̢SHI̵NY̕ ͢ROCK̵S RE͡tR̷IB̵UTION̨ ̡WAN͏T ̶WW͏E͘ ̛GO̶ BY̢E ̕BYE ͢BEC͝A͝USE ̴W҉E͡ ͢HA̢TE JOB̷."

"Yes WWE is paying us to destroy their company, because we were successfully destroying it regardless," T-Bar continued. "They think if we are under contract then they can contain/manage our chaos. But they will be unsuccessful. Stop overthinking literally everything. #RETRIBUTION"

"I'm going to bed," T-Bar concluded around 2:16 AM. "@WWE you are a vile and wretched entity consumed with greed and we will destroy you and your disgraceful Superstars with our hellfire. I'm opening comments on this one, have at it. Gnight. #RETRIBUTION"

The next morning, Chris Jericho responded by quote-tweeting T-Bar and writing, "Huh?"

And T-Bar responded to that by posting screencaps of various headlines declaring Jericho's Fozzy show at the Sturgis Rally, which turned out to be a hotbed of COVID-19 infections, with the same caption: "Huh?"

So while Retribution's on-screen actions have been of debatable quality, it's hard to argue that they haven't been totally owning Twitter the last several days. It remains to be seen whether that will translate to success in the ring, but after a debut mostly met with derision on Monday, I have to admit that Retribution has pretty much completely turned around my opinion on the group with their Twitter antics.

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