Rick and Morty Anime, Shenmue, WBD, DC & More: Toonami Co-Creator Q&A

With all of the corporate changes going on in and around the orbit of Warner Bros. Discovery, every aspect of the multimedia company is heading under the microscope. In particular, we've seen some early attention being focused on WBD's cable network line-up, with early rumblings being that WBD Chairman & CEO David Zaslav is looking to cut costs even if that means consolidating some channels as streaming's dominance grows. So with all of that going on in the background, Jason DeMarco, SVP of Action and Anime, Warner Bros. Discovery; and co-creator of Toonami, decided to field some questions from fans on Twitter. And there was a ton of ground covered, some of which we're passing along to you below- from the upcoming Rick and Morty anime and the possibility of a second season of Shenmue: The Animation to if more DC content from HBO Max will be airing and the idea of reviving old anime licenses that have lapsed, DeMarco was open & honest about the current state of affairs while also reminding fans that their voices are the ones that are heard the most.

rick and morty
RICK AND MORTY ANIME (Image: Adult Swim)

Now here's a look at the tweet that started the Q&A thread, followed by a rundown of just some of the intel DeMarco dropped during the impromptu session):

Warner Anime Productions Specs for Daytime CN? "Fun, action-oriented shows for kids 6-11"

"Rick and Morty" Anime Series: Toonami Original or Airing on Adult Swim? "It may air on Toonami at some point but the current plans are for it to air on Adult Swim proper, I believe"

On when "Fena: Pirate Princess" Might Be Coming to HBO Max: "We hope to have it on Max this year but all Crunchy co-pros are now… complicated, lol"

On a 1-10 Scale, Chances for a Second Season of "Shenmue: The Animation"? "Currently a 6 or 7, I'd say?"

One Adult Swim Show Worth Rescuing from Cancelation? "Definitely The Shivering Truth" (after it's mentioned that the show was never officially canceled) "I mean maybe it isn't, I just haven't seen anything about another season"

On Rumors of Toonami Not Being a Part of Adult Swim with Restructuring: "We have a lot of plans and clearly, there is a commitment to originals that is continuous. I don't know what's in the future, but the people in charge say they want Toonami to be a part of it, so take heart!"

On the Possibility of Airing More DC Content (like the "Harley Quinn" Marathon): "We have, for many years, been begging our counterparts at WB to let us air more DC stuff at a price we can afford. We are seeing encouraging signs in the last year or two in that regard. So hopefully we will have more of that coming.

Future Seasons of "Ballmastrz: 9009"? "Haven't heard anything!"

"Yu Yu Hakusho" & "Spy X Family" on Toonami's 2022 Line-Up? "Anything Sony has the rights to is looking unlikely for the foreseeable future, but I never say never."

NEW PROJECT ALERT! "It is partially Toonami related in that it will likely end up there. It's a project with a very exciting, creatively vibrant legend and a hugely popular studio that are just absolutely crushing the project. Can't wait."

"Immortal Grand Prix" on HBO Max? "Maybe, we are working with Max on their appetite for anime and would love to bring more library titles to beef up their offerings."

Right Now, Warner Bros. Discovery Business Has Everything on Pause: "We have a ton of plans. For now, our new bosses have sort of put everything on hold across the company, as they assess what THEY want us all to do. We know it looks to fans like we are just sitting around, but we literally can't do much right now. And money is very tight, too."

Any More Movie Nights? "Some, yes"

Would Toonami Consider Reviving Old Licenses That Lapsed? "Yes, it's something we are looking into."

And to check out the rest of what DeMarco covered, you can head on over to the thread here.

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