Rick and Morty Mocks Us with Season 4 Mystery We Need Solved Badly

Having wrapped a fifth season of Rick and Morty that turned out to be a major game-changer for Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's Adult Swim series moving forward, you would figure there would be more than enough in the show's here-and-now to obsess over until the sixth season. And yet, we can't stop obsessing over S04E04 "Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty" (directed by Anthony Chun and written by Jeff Loveness) and not because of the dragon storyline (though we've learned to appreciate it more over time). No, it was the Jerry/talking cat subplot that still keeps us awake at night. Okay, maybe not. But we had tucked it away in that already-over-crowded "repressed memories" portion of our brain and had learned to move on with our lives. That is until Adult Swim released a clip and it all came flooding back.

rick and morty
Rick and Morty (Image: Screencap)

Its storyline was simple enough – and in its simplicity dwelled the horror. Jerry finds a talking cat in his room that convinces him to take them to Florida for a beach party – so of course, Jerry agrees because… Jerry. False accusations of "beach pooping" and a bad showing at a yacht party later, Jerry and the talking cat are picked up by Rick – but instead of going home, they make a detour to the desert for some truth. Rick traps the cat and runs a brain scan – and what they see horrifies them to their core. So much so that Rick erases Jerry's memories of it while choosing to retain them so that someone remembers the horrors that he witnessed.

But we never got to see or hear details on what exactly happened? Just some comments from Rick and Jerry that dial-up just how horrific the visions were. You see what I mean, right? At first, not a lot going on with lots of quiet moments, and a talking cat that seems almost as confused about his talking skills as he is about everyone else's lack of issue with it. But it's the ending that makes you reconsider everything you've seen before – and can you imagine if whatever's in the cat's mind got out on the plane? And even as much as Jerry was just being Jerry for a good chunk of the episode, it didn't seem like typical "duh" Jerry – more of an "I'm concerned but I think I have to go ahead with this" vibe. On their way back home, Jerry shows he's on the same page as Rick when it comes to trapping and scanning the cat – conceding to Rick's expertise in these matters. In return, we saw genuine concern in Rick when he tried to prevent Jerry from looking at the brain scan results – and some level of sympathetic regret before erasing Jerry's memories of the experience. How many times before this episode have Rick and Jerry been on the same page? Yet whatever this "big bad" was, it was big enough and bad enough to have them working together. Now here's Adult Swim's look back at when the horrors first became revealed:

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