Rick and Morty: The Citadel of Ricks Has Plans for Adult Swim Fest

Adult Swim Fest goes virtual starting this Friday and Saturday, November 13 and 14, and when it does? Attendees will have a chance to check out a ton of never-before-seen performances (including Mastodon, Robyn from Club DOMO, and Kaytranada), live-stream watch parties (like Three Busy Debras and Space Ghost Coast to Coast), Run The Jewels (Killer Mike and El-P) debuting their Cyberpunk 2077 music video, a special edition of "Toonami," and more. Okay, fine! How about Tuca and Bertie and Aqua Teen Hunger Force panels? Maybe your earholes might like to know that Thundercat and Deftones are on the schedule?  But the folks behind Rick and Morty are thinking "bigger picture" than just panels and watch-parties (though they'll have those too), teaming with Wendy's to give viewers a chance to own a very "special prize" directly from the Citadel of Ricks Giftshop (you can click here to enter).

Rick and Morty have put together a "secret prize" for Adult Swim Fest
Rick and Morty have put together a "secret prize" for Adult Swim Fest

Wondering what the "special prize" is? Well, in the clip below Rick Z-17 and Wendy's Rick can't stop raving about it being something that was "made by Ricks for Ricks" and its uniqueness. As for what the "special prize" is? You'll have to check out Saturday's "'Rick and Morty' Global Celebration" (Saturday, November 14 @ 9:15 pm ET) for more details.

Are you tired of life being so predictable this year? Then come on down to the Citadel of Ricks Giftshop where you can maybe win a secret prize in our Giftshop Giveaway, powered by Wendy's! What is the secret prize? Find out at the Adult Swim Festival during the Rick and Morty Global Celebration happening on Saturday and hear how Wendy's has a chance for you to win. What else do we know? Not much, but we do know this prize is powered by Wendy's and Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits are involved! We can't say what it is yet but you'll probably be fighting strangers on the internet for this secret prize so you might as well enter now, now, NOW!

Adult Swim Festival returns virtually this November (Image: Adult Swim)
Adult Swim Festival returns virtually this November (Image: Adult Swim)


9:05 PM EST – "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" (featuring a performance by Thundercat) Panel: With series co-creator Dave Willis and cast member Dana Snyder (Milkshake).

10:05 PM EST – "The Eric Andre Show" Panel: With Andre, Kitao Sakuria, Dan Curry, and moderator David Gborie.

11:25 PM EST – Run The Jewels X Cyberpunk 2077 Music Video Premiere: Including an exclusive interview with Killer Mike and El-P on cyberpunk, the future of Hip-Hop, and… robot genitals?!?

12:12 PM EST – Deftones New Song & Visual: "Passenger (Mike Shinoda Remix)"


7:40 PM EST – "Lazor Wulf" (featuring a performance by J.I.D.) Panel: With Henry Bonsu, Quinta Brunson, Big E, Judnick Mayard, and moderator Trill Withers.

8:30 PM EST – "Tuca & Bertie" Panel: With series creator Lisa Hanawalt and "special guests" (Hmmm…???).

9:15 PM EST – "Rick and Morty" Global Celebration: With Dan Harmon, Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke, and Spencer Grammar (including a fan Q&A).

11:21 PM EST: "Toonami" Special Edition: A special episode of "Toonami" Pre-Flight, with Gill and Jason featuring a Tom and Sara piece about the Playstation 5 console and Demon's Souls (along with a fan Q&A).

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