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Wendy's Tweets Out World-Weary Watchmen Meme
Who watches the Watchmen? And who tweets out Wendy's Watchmen posts? That was the question humanity had to grapple with yesterday as a social media employee freelancing for fast-food chain Wendy's references a meme in an attempt to farm likes/attention for their employer And despite the world-weariness of the whole endeavour, it seems to have[...]
rick and morty
So before we start shifting our attention to next Sunday's episode, there are still a few post-series-return treats that are more than worth your time- from two unique ways to watch "Mort Dinner Rick Andre" to a look behind the scenes with the creative team; plus, we see if that Wendy's mob caught up to[...]
rick and morty
First up, we have a look at the next chapter in the series' corporate blood pact (in a good way) with Wendy's- a follow-up to the previous "food-with-attitude" ads from last season This time around, the fast-food folks have created the pop-up experience "Morty's," with participating franchises offering show-themed soda flavors like Mello Yello BerryJerryboree[...]
Rick and Morty have put together a "secret prize" for Adult Swim Fest
Okay, fine! How about Tuca and Bertie and Aqua Teen Hunger Force panels? Maybe your earholes might like to know that Thundercat and Deftones are on the schedule?  But the folks behind Rick and Morty are thinking "bigger picture" than just panels and watch-parties (though they'll have those too), teaming with Wendy's to give viewers a chance to[...]
Wendy's Launched Their Own RPG Campaign At NYCC
The folks at Wendy's have launched their own tabletop RPG this week at NYCC called Feast Of Legends, in partnership with Critical Role and Fandom The PDF version of the adventure was loaded online, totally free for anyone to download, along with a physical version at the convention that included dice The game itself has[...]
News From the Future: World Descends Into Chaos After Gail Simone Sparks Junk Food Wars
Wendy's preferred Marvel Steak-Umms was lured into an alliance with Valiant Entertainment by the promise of variants made of sliced meat Little Debbie, sweet Little Debbie, tried to calm tensions by claiming to like different aspects of both companies But it was too late. –the transmission is momentarily interrupted by the sounds of several small explosions[...]
Fast Food Shocker: Wendy's Prefers Marvel Over DC
The worlds of comic books and fast food restaurants were rocked Wednesday when the official Twitter account of Wendy's chose a side in the longstanding war between comic book publishers Marvel and DC Wendy's was asked by famous comic book writer and tea expert Gail Simone which comic book universe they preferred, and the chain[...]
The Game Grumps & Wendy's Finally Consummate Their Twitter Love
Many have tried to flirt with the Grumps, both fast food joints and major dining chains, but their main boo has always been Wendy's The Grumps even held a random meet-and-greet at a Wendy's back in September 2016 with fans in Columbus, Ohio which saw hundreds come out and pack a local diner Today, they took[...]