Riverdale Awards: Cheryl Burns, Maple Claw, Bughead, Beefcake & More

Have you ever wondered what moments from your favorite show would win in an awards show format? Like, "Best First Kiss" or "Best Way to Piss Off Protestors in Drag"? Well, Netflix and The CW have that covered with The Best of Riverdale Awards: "Oddly Specific Awards" Edition- proving just how much the show embraces its own loveable cheesiness. Kicking off with "Best Use of Fire Alarm to Avoid Photography," we have probably the only instance of this happening, but we'll give Veronica the easy win; while "Best Burn (Non-Verbal Category)" goes to Cheryl, when she set fire to her house…and her mother. Two for one?

The Best of Riverdale Awards | Netflix
The Best of Riverdale Awards | Netflix

"Best Random Dance Scene" goes to Cheryl and Veronica's cheer captain dance battle, though there were so many options, it seems impossible to narrow it down to even the six nominees. There are seriously so many random song and dance numbers in this show, it's bananas. "Best Way to Piss Off Protestors in Drag" of course goes to Mr. Honey in the fourth season's variety show episode, where Kevin wants to perform a number from Hedwig and the Angry Inch but is denied my Mr. Honey, calling the show inappropriate for kids. Of course, then all the students band together against Mr. Honey and dress up as Hedwig and confront Mr. Honey. Shockingly, this is the only time on the show (to date) that featured protestors in drag.

"Best Casual Reveal of a Long-Lost Sister" is Hermosa, though if they had changed the category to "sibling" instead of sister, there would have been some real competition. Naturally, the Lifetime Achievement Award for "Best Fashion" goes to none other than Cheryl Blossom. Recognize the fashion HBIC of Riverdale! "Best Riverdale Fake Product" goes to Maple Claw, an obvious play on White Claw, but formulated by Veronica and her revenge rum business to get back at her father. I mean, it didn't go over so well for her because she accidentally poached the college demographic from some violent redneck moonshiners- but at least she won the award, right?

"Best Obligatory Locker Room Beefcake Scene" goes to Archie and Monroe: yes, both shirtless, oiled up, and in towels – though there was so much competition with literally every other scene Archie is in. I mean…does that boy even own any shirts? "Best Excuse for Getting Rejected from College" definitely goes to Alice for her "Betty didn't get into college because she was too busy having sex" declaration to the school therapist. Finally, "Best First Kiss" goes to "Bughead." They are adorable, but the competition was fierce with all the major pairings making the board: Varchie, Barchie, Bughead, Vughead, Choni, Betty and Veronica. I'm bummed Kevin and Fangs didn't make the nominations, but it's not like they would have stood a chance against Bughead.

You can check out the full list of proud nominees and winners of The Best of Riverdale Awards: "Oddly Specific Awards" Edition below:

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