Riverdale Season 5 Review: "The Preppy Murders" Proves Anticlimactic

Welcome to the fifth season of The CW's Riverdale, where we finally get some answers in the great mystery of the creepy tapes and the Lodge family feud takes a much needed vacation. Now, the big-time jump is coming up after next week, and that marks the end of the season 4 story arc and beginning of what was originally the season 5 premiere, but this week sees the wrapping up of several storylines so we are ready to leap into the future with Archie and friends.

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Riverdale is far past the point of over-the-top storytelling, but somehow that just made it all the more charming… kind of. We're still on this whole serial killer obsession with Betty and Charles, and bullsh*t "serial killer gene" aside, it all wraps up in a logical way with Charles being the one behind the titular dead prep school kids.

But wait! That's not the only mystery that got wrapped up: "the auteur" is none other than…Jellybean, Jughead's little sister? Apparently, she was so upset about her brother going off to college and moving away that she and her friends decided to create a mystery to keep him in Riverdale. And Jughead decides the best way to tell his dad…is in a casual chat over drinks in Veronica's speakeasy. Classy.

Photo: The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Are they ever going to give Jellybean any credit in this show? She is very much a teenager and not the stupid naive little 8-year-old kid they keep writing her as. But if everyone in Riverdale started being smart and making good choices, there would be no show and I would be out of a job. So…good work, everyone?

Riverdale is like if you take a bunch of elements from popular drama shows and toss them in a blender along with a whole wheel of cheese and then present it as a trendy milkshake. It kind of works, it's novel and fun, and after a while it gets old, but there's always that group of ride or die fans who will riot if you take that milkshake off the menu.

The really interesting episode is coming up next week (in the originally planned season 4 finale) with graduation and hopefully, a sneak-peek of that time jump we've all been waiting for. Riverdale this week wrapped up a lot of mysteries; time to tune in Wednesday night on The CW to see what new murders, mysteries, and mayhem Riverdale is going to throw at us next week.

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